World Mental Health Day celebrated; Mental disorder above 18+ is 10.6%, says survey

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): A nationwide mental health survey was conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience, Bengaluru in 12 states. The survey indicates that the prevalence of mental disorders, alcohol and substance abuse disorders (excluding tobacco use disorder) among adults over the age of 18 is around 10 .6%. The investigation report was published in March 2022.

AIIMS opened an Addiction Treatment Center (ATF) at the Misrod Primary Health Center on Monday to mark World Mental Health Day.

Prof. Dr. Ajay Singh, Executive Director and CEO of AIIMS, Bhopal inaugurated the program. Priyanka Das, Mission Director of National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh was also present. Priyanka Das, Mission Director of National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh, virtually inaugurated the facility.

According to the National Mental Health Survey (2015-16), the prevalence of mental illness is around 14% and in the majority of cases (70-80% treatment gap) people are not going to get treated. Reaching them is therefore a challenge that state and union governments must work on, the AIIMS doctors said.

Results of the 2022 National Mental Health Survey

* The prevalence of mental morbidity is high in urban metropolitan areas.

* Mental disorders are closely linked to the causes and consequences of non-communicable disorders (NCDs).

* Nearly 1 in 40 and 1 in 20 suffer from past and current depression.

* Neuroses and stress-related disorders affect 3.5% of the population and are more frequent among women (almost twice as many among men).

* Data indicates that 0.9% of the surveyed population was at high risk of suicide.

* Nearly 50% of people with major depressive disorder report difficulty in carrying out their daily activities.

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