Wendy Williams hospitalized for nervous breakdown, suicide [According to Report]

* The mental health of Wendy williams has been questioned by fans and blogs online, as reports that she was hospitalized after suffering a mental breakdown and suicide continues to spread like wildfire.

While Wendy’s camp has not responded to the rumors, the vlogger Tasha K claims Williams was hospitalized under a different name at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in the Neurology Department, with her room heavily guarded by security, per Gossip about it.

“She doesn’t have her wig. His head is shaved in some sections because they are watching his brain.

” She talks to herself. She won’t eat. She won’t drink. Will hardly sleep. Perambulate. She is losing her mind. She is suicidal. It’s not so-called, you guys.

Watch / listen to Tasha K say it via the clip above.

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Tasha says Williams’ breakup is in part caused by her divorce from the “love of her life” (ex-husband Kevin hunter), and that his son sides with his father in his parents’ divorce.

Tasha K. has told viewers of her popular YouTube channel that she has more tea to tell on this sensitive issue, and will do so in a four-part series.

Meanwhile, Williams appeared to respond to the blackout and hospitalization allegations by posting a paparazzi photo on Instagram showing her walking with a newspaper featuring a photo of the recent police brutality protest, proving she is not lying in a hospital.

“I needed my things before New York night. Black lives have ALWAYS counted. #blacklivesmatter #NYPD #Peace ”, the post was captioned.

However, some of her IG subscribers reported a noticeable bruise on her hand and determined that she recently had an IV attached.

Last month, a spokesperson for “The Wendy Williams Show “ announced that Williams was taking a hiatus from filming her show due to “fatigue” from complications from Graves’ disease.

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