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Some games will test your intellectual prowess in a battle of wits, while others will test your courage in power and magic. In Watch me diffuse my mental depression, you play as an adorable but demotivated panda named Pochi in a game that checks to see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate streamer.

Now, it’s not very often that you can play a game on the games or rather play a game on a streamer who is playing games. The battles involve fending off internet commentators with spiritual acts of pacification or rage-induced returns that feed trolls, all under the guise of a quirky little deck of cards. Just that – and the fact that you’re a streaming panda, for god’s sake – already makes it an incredibly unique title (plus none of the humans around you seem to notice you’re a big, fluffy bear) .

Ultaan Games describes it as a “story deck builder about playing games all day and proving your dad wrong,” and in a nutshell, the game is exactly that. You have such high hopes in the lives of the rich and famous that all you want to do in life is spread yourself out playing video games until you are chosen as your partner and collect all the money. money. Your farming parents, especially your father, have other plans because college is not cheap and they are so proud of their little boy in town. But chasing your dreams and actually living in the real world are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and you can’t just sit around all day and hope that life will magically turn out well for you.

Just like in real life, there is no magic formula to getting followers and subscribers.

This, ingeniously, is where the impressive resource management mechanism comes in. The game is extremely difficult when it comes to dealing with IRL issues because adulthood is one thing and the struggle is real. Over the days on your calendar, you can choose to sleep all day to recharge your sanity bar, go out and find a job (because money doesn’t grow on trees, except when your darling mom sends you a allowance every now and then), or stick around and stream because that’s really your ultimate goal.

Watch Me Stream My Mental Breaking Choices

But here’s where it gets tough: Working can net you a lot of money, but will inevitably have negative consequences for your mental and physical health. You can do a streaming sequence, but your sanity takes a hit every time you try to fend off the trolls. You can replenish it while sleeping, but if you escape early, how are you going to pay the rent when it’s due at the end of the month? If you’re making a few bucks from streaming (and gaining followers and subscribers along the way), you still have to pay taxes at the end of the month because life sucks.

Choosing one option over another will effectively use up an entire day, and each new day brings its own set of problems. There is a bit of a random effect when it comes to daily occurrences, as you might wake up with a migraine in the middle of the night and lose a sanity point, or a friend of yours might ask for help with Set up a streaming channel of their own (you can also choose to lend a hand or ignore it altogether). While the natural progression of the story always happens chronologically (with hilarious results, I promise), what happens between the two may depend on the previous choices you make. There are multiple endings too, so you really have to go through different parts to see how Pochi’s life is going to play out (here’s a quick spoiler-free tip: Ramen is not a diet).

Watch me streaming food from my mental depression

While this part point-and-click, part card-battering hybrid game is incredibly intriguing, I’m actually pretty torn. I love the painfully realistic resource management aspect of the game (being a streamer is hard; why do people do it?), But sometimes I just want to keep playing the card game because it’s so engaging. in itself. Unfortunately there is no jump feature to cycle through all the dialogue and events because at the end of the day I just want to play this card game.

Because it’s a great card game. The simplicity of the card game’s mechanics doesn’t take away any of its fun factors. You basically choose your battles by choosing which channel or genre you want to stream in. There are three skill attributes in each deck, namely insight, ego, and knowledge. These cards have their own unique moves that you can use, but you also need to be careful about the genre of the game you’re playing as well as the audience. For example, playing an action game with teenagers as an audience will earn you great points if you keep using your Ego cards to intimidate trolls in a corner, but they can increase your toxicity level and make your chain not sponsored by advertisements.

Watch Me Stream My Mental Breakdown Card Game

Watch me diffuse my mental depression Revision | Final thoughts

Globally, Watch me diffuse my mental depression is unique, but I feel like there is more untapped potential. Each game gets a little easier because you keep the cards you earn at the end of each game. I kind of wish there was a story mode and a card game mode where you can just play cards all day instead of having to go through the entire timeline and every dialogue scene over and over again. .

It really depends on your gameplay, but the bottom line is this: just like in real life, there is no magic formula to getting subscribers and followers. All you really have to do is be yourself and hope for the best – and in this case, if being yourself is a panda with an inclination for streaming, then by all means, you do it.

Techraptor reviewed Watch me diffuse my mental depression on PC with copy provided by the publisher.

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