Victoria’s Secret ‘Karen’ claims ‘mental breakdown’ after harassing black woman




Woman appeared to fake a nervous breakdown after she was filmed attacking a black buyer, and it’s a wonder no one drowned in all those fake white lady tears

We’ve seen the antics of a Costco Karen, a Central Park Karen, a Trader’s Joe Karen (and many more), and now we can add a Victoria’s Secret Karen to the White Women Hall of Shame. New Jersey woman took caucity (it’s Caucasian + daring, for the record) to a whole new level inside the lingerie store, appearing to fake a nervous breakdown after a black shopper called her rude behavior .

It all happened in a mall in Short Hills, New Jersey. A black woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, said she was just trying to exchange her coupon for free panties when the Karen in question pushed her aside. When Ukenta said “Excuse me” (as it is quite reasonable to do), she said the other woman had become aggressive. It was then that Ukenta pulled out his phone and started filming.

“I didn’t try to hit you, please, but don’t record me,” the woman yells – but ummm… does the video actually start with her hit against Ukenta?

“Don’t record my nervous breakdown, please, please,” she yells. At one point, another customer tries to intervene, asking Ukenta why she isn’t going away – which makes you wonder why this question wasn’t directed at the white woman who was screaming and writhing on the floor. as if she had just caught the Holy Ghost. . Honestly, I expected her to start speaking in tongues afterwards.

Ukenta has a perfectly justifiable reason for not putting the camera down. “You keep lying and saying I’m threatening you, so I’m recording to protect myself,” she said. Without these images, it’s her word against that of Karen – whose real name would be Abigail Elphick.

Elphick chases Ukenta into the store at one point, shouting “Get him the phone!” at the top of his lungs. Somehow most people just seem to… keep shopping? At no point did we see anyone trying to step in to help or comfort Ukenta.

Eventually, mall security and local police are called in (by Elphick, because sure she would take them on her side), who both seem to respond with a general ‘Meh’ air. All Ukenta asks in the video is that Elphick be escorted out of the mall – a pretty reasonable request.

Fortunately, Ukenta had the presence of mind to get the names of the police officers and the case number, and she later shows a copy of the police report. Elphick apparently downplayed any aggression on her part, instead insisting that she was just afraid of being taped. I can’t wonder what might have happened if Elphick had done the sane thing – say, apologize – rather than trying to exploit his whiteness for sympathy.

This sort of thing happens so often that cities like New York and San Francisco have had to pass laws punishing people who call baseless 911 against people of color. Which one is exactly what happened here – and Elphick doesn’t seem to have suffered repercussions for his temper tantrum, beyond the infamy of social media. Hopefully that will be enough to curb her Karen tendencies.


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