Understanding of mental illness needed

I want to be honest – I’ve had schizophrenia for over 20 years and every day is a struggle. Constant voices in my head, vocalizations, and a degree of involuntary movement occupy each of my waking hours.

I recognize the symptoms of my illness and am aware of my limitations in the everyday world.

Difficulties are not new for people living with disabilities, but our collective understanding of the difficulties faced by people with intellectual disabilities varies across countries and over time. In many places around the world, the mentally ill face far more challenges than I do.

I have a caring and supportive family, good medical treatment, and a degree of freedom from my disability through my upbringing and working knowledge of effective coping mechanisms. I still occasionally feel the stigma attached to my condition as expressed by people who misunderstand my situation or who simply label me, but I tend to believe that people are increasingly sensitive to the plight of mentally handicapped.

It’s in the United States.

My appeal to the reader is for the support of the mentally handicapped in countries less fortunate than the United States. Mental disability is a condition, not a choice, that afflicts the brain of the individual and has many manifestations, but it is not the display of minority viewpoints in politics, affiliation with a subculture or anything related to sexual preference or gender identity.

Mental illness has an onset and can lead to a display of erratic behaviors. This can limit an individual’s ability to engage in daily life, and it can be a bit confusing for those who have a loved one classified as mentally ill.


Mental illness requires our attention as human beings and requires proactive treatments, widespread recognition that mental illness is an illness no different from coronavirus or cancer, and the funding to fight this insidious condition.

Please support organizations outside of the United States working to help the mentally ill.

Willis Lambertson


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