The intensive care nurse was suffering from a “mental breakdown” before the crash in Los Angeles that killed six people, she says she does not recall.

The ICU nurse who ran a 90mph red light and killed six people in horrific wreckage in Los Angeles earlier this month has also been found to have had a ‘frightening’ mental breakdown in the days leading up to the death. tragedy.

Nicole Linton, a 37-year-old Los Angeles nurse, is currently charged with murder. According to a filing filed by the nurse’s defense attorney, their client had an “apparent loss of consciousness” at the time of the collision.

The filing, which the LA Times was able to obtain, provides a detailed account of the suspect’s deteriorating mental state prior to the event, which resulted in the death of a pregnant woman, her unborn child, her one-year-old son, along with four other people.

Linton, a Texas native, is currently in custody on six counts of murder related to the five people and the unborn child.

She is being held without bail because prosecutors believe she poses a flight risk and a threat to the public.

The lawsuit depicts a photo of a mentally ill lady who rapidly lost her mind over the previous four years and claims Linton has “no recollection of the circumstances leading up to her accident”.

Linton’s attorneys say in the statement that their client was diagnosed with bipolar disease in 2018, and they attribute the suspect’s worsening mental state to her reluctance to take her prescribed medications during the outbreak after an internet therapist informed her that she had just suffered from anxiety.

The day of the August 4 collision, they said, would see her health deteriorate to a “frightening” stage, in which she confronted her fully clothed sister just hours before committing the murder.

Nicole L. Linton, 37 (pictured in court) has been charged with six counts of murder and five counts of manslaughter while driving a vehicle

The mangled wreckage of the Mercedes Linton was speeding in is shown here after the crash

Here’s a photo of the wreckage of the Mercedes Linton was accelerating in at the time of the collision.

According to Linton’s attorneys, her family first learned of her mental health issues in May 2018 while she was working as a nursing student at the University of Texas in her hometown of Houston.

In a letter to the court attached to the application, her sister Camille Linton said that was when her sister suffered her first mental breakdown while pursuing a career as a nurse anesthetist.

According to Camille Linton, “the tension was too much for her and it ‘broke’ her. This marked the start of Nicole’s four-year battle with mental illness.

Linton’s sister claims that during the blackout, which happened in 2018, the suspect allegedly had a panic attack and fled his apartment.

According to the complaint, when the police approached her, Linton got into one of the officers’ service cars. She was later detained for disorderly behavior.

The accident sent the row of cars rushing to another service station on the road before coming to a halt just before the pumps

The collision sent a line of vehicles heading towards another petrol station down the road until they came to a stop just outside the pumps.

After that, the lawyers described how Linton phoned her family from the police station, but instead of worrying about her plight, she told them in a despicable way that she was worried about her well-being. pet turtle.

After being released from prison soon after, Linton said she had been possessed by her late grandmother and contacted her family again to express her concern.

According to the extensively redacted records, Linton needed stitches for a cut to the head she suffered after banging her head against a glass partition while ranting against police and the Supreme Court. She was then sent to Ben Taub Psychiatric Hospital the following day.

According to lawyers, Linton performed Bob Marley songs and showed signs of instability during treatment.

According to the defense motion, Linton was diagnosed with bipolar at that time and was given mental medication, which she took for the next year.

Crash witness Tabia Johnson snapped a picture of suspect Nicole L. Linton (centre) commenting that Linton appeared to have suffered only minor injuries in the horrific crash.

Crash witness Tabia Johnson snapped a picture of suspect Nicole L. Linton (centre) commenting that Linton appeared to have suffered only minor injuries in the horrific accident.

Linton can be seen here after the crash with blood on her left thigh and left forearm, she appears to be wearing hospital scrubs

Linton can be seen here after the crash with blood on her left thigh and left forearm, she appears to be wearing hospital scrubs

An emergency medical worker directs Linton, who can be seen here seated with a bloody arm

Linton, who is pictured here seated with a bloodied arm, is led by emergency medical personnel.

Linton was forcibly sent to another mental institution more than a year later, this time after a neighbor saw her running around her apartment complex in her underwear, the lawyers said. This time, Linton hadn’t chosen to be there.

The complaint claims that when Linton stopped taking his prescription bipolar medication at the start of the outbreak, his mental health rapidly deteriorated.

The rationale for that judgment, the attorneys say, was that Linton had been told exclusively by an online therapist with whom she had communicated remotely throughout the limitations of COVID that she was simply experiencing anxiety.

In early 2020 and 2022, Linton’s conduct reportedly became “increasingly terrifying”, to the point that she began to act irrationally in delusion and distrust both her family and his workplace.

Linton, whose health reportedly declined while working at West Los Angeles Medical Center, began to lose sleep and had an unreasonable obsession with cleanliness during this time, according to the petition.

Other bizarre occurrences included Linton launching into irrational rants and accusing her family of robbing her, according to her lawyers.

Linton's Mercedes drove past a gas station, then crashed into the side of a traffic jam, causing a fiery inferno in the Windsor Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

In the Windsor Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, Linton’s Mercedes passed a gas station before crashing into the side of a bottleneck.

The petition reveals that this activity continued unchecked until the days leading up to the August 4 disaster, when it became more disturbing.

According to her attorneys, Nicole’s conduct “became more chilling in the days and hours leading up to the events of August 4.”

They said Linton was in contact with his sister Camille throughout this period and constantly pointed out to her that her colleagues at the hospital were “acting weird”.

Court documents further state that Linton came home from the hospital for lunch the day of the collision and FaceTimed his sister.

However, the call itself raised suspicion as Linton conducted it while fully naked, which greatly alarmed his brother, who said the behavior was unusual.

Before leaving for work at 1:24 p.m., just minutes before the collision, Linton contacted his sister again to let her know she was leaving.

According to the statement, she informed her sister that she was flying out to meet her in Houston the next day so she could fix her niece’s hair, which is why she rushed her off.

According to the lawyers, Linton inexplicably said on the phone that she was getting married and that her sister “should meet her at the chapel”.

When Linton arrived at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on August 6, two days after the accident, a doctor who examined her noted that she had “no memory of the circumstances leading up to her collision.”

She recalled seeing her vehicle on fire as she lay on the pavement after that, he wrote.

According to the lawsuit, the doctor would later determine that Linton suffered from bipolar illness and had an “apparent loss of consciousness” at the time of the accident.

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