The best depictions of mental illness in video games

One of the main things that separates video games from other forms of media is that the player controls the character. They must choose when to move forward and when to retreat. Many games have used it to tell unique stories that would not be possible on any other medium. “Celeste” is one of those games. Platforms have largely disappeared in recent years, but “Celeste” is still worth playing in 2021 because it is both difficult and has a history that is linked to many players.

The game is about a determined and determined young woman named Madeline who must climb a mountain. The story slowly reveals that she struggles with depression and anxiety as she moves forward, trying to deal with her conditions as the doubt, fear, panic attacks, and feelings of hopelessness take hold of her. get bogged down. The very act of climbing the mountain reflects how exhausting mental illness can be. He is literally An uphill battle and the difficult nature of the game means that most players will suffer a lot of setbacks as they approach the top.

Writer, designer and video game director Maddy Thorson has also said that, like her, Madeline is a trans woman. This is an important distinction given that (via Medical News Today) “research suggests transgender people are almost four times more likely than cisgender people to suffer from a mental health problem” due to cissexism , discrimination, violence and barriers to health care. More than that, Madeline’s struggles make players want her to be successful.

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