Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Has A Nervous Breakdown

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline reveals she had a nervous breakdown seeing her daughter, Kloie, sedated for dental surgery. Jade tweeted about her daughter’s dental surgery on Wednesday; and informed her 91,200 followers that she would be undergoing surgery the following day. Kloie is the daughter of Jade, 24, and Sean Austin, 27.

Star Jade Cline is going through a mental breakdown

Jade Cline revealed on Twitter that she was sick and had a nervous breakdown after seeing her daughter sedated. Kloie, the daughter of Jade and her boyfriend Sean Austin, underwent dental surgery on Thursday. The teen mom star tweeted on Wednesday that she was very worried about her daughter’s condition.

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In addition, she informed her 91,800 subscribers of the operation on Thursday, August 26. Additionally, she asked all of her followers to pray for her daughter’s well-being. The next day, she tweeted again, telling her followers that Kloie had undergone dental surgery. Meanwhile, she also expressed her pain, saying she suffered a nervous breakdown while her daughter was sedated.

The couple face parenting difficulties

We are well aware that Sean Austin and Jade Cline love their daughter unconditionally. Moreover, Jade also revealed that she just wanted her baby back in her arms. Teen Mom 2 fans have repeatedly watched the couple discipline Kloie. Now they are worried about the situation.

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Says She Has a Mental Breakdown
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Sometimes the couple yells at Kloie for not behaving well. On top of that, some viewers felt that they were being too hard on their toddler, which was totally inappropriate. However, Jade has always expressed the difficulties she faces when raising Kloie. She even asked the MTV crew to stop filming because it was embarrassing for her.

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