Signs of Mom’s Mental Depression

When people are about to have a nervous breakdown, there is very little time to recognize these signs, since nervous breakdowns happen suddenly, according to Health line. As such, checking in with yourself and knowing what triggers in life can cause each individual to have a mental breakdown will help them live as healthy a life as possible to stave off mental breakdowns before they come to the fore. point where they could become unavoidable. For this reason, knowing the signs of mental breakdowns before they occur can help prevent mental breakdowns from occurring and serve as a warning that lifestyle changes are needed.

Mental breakdowns occur when people are no longer able to handle the challenges life throws at them, according to the publication. When this happens, people experience a variety of emotions from moment to moment. Some may even withdraw from life and their loved ones. And when that happens, people with mental breakdowns will need the help of their healthcare professionals to help them with talk therapy or medication to get back to a place where life no longer seems so overwhelming. which to participate.

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Here are the signs of a nervous breakdown before it happens.

No downtime leads to mental breakdowns

no downtime leads to a nervous breakdown

The body and the brain are capable of existing in overdrive for short periods of time. But when this is how life is lived constantly, it can cause a person to have a nervous breakdown.

According to American scientist, the brain needs downtime to process what’s going on in life, to recharge, to lessen feelings of anxiety, and to not get overwhelmed. Unfortunately, with most people’s lives filled with work, activity and never being able to truly disconnect from the world, downtime is virtually non-existent.

Therefore, if it is clear that stress levels are rising and there is no scheduled time to pause and enjoy doing nothing, a mental breakdown may be imminent. As such, making downtime a priority will help avoid breakdowns and help make life more enjoyable in the process.

It’s hard to make decisions

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Part of the mental depressions are overcome by anxiety. When anxiety takes over life, it is difficult, if not impossible, to make decisions. As such, if decision-making has become difficult to do lately, mental breakdown may occur.

According to Hi Sigmund, when anxiety takes hold of the brain, it is unable to make decisions of any kind. This means that even the most mundane decisions are unable to be made as the level of anxiety increases.

The prefrontal cortex, according to the publication, is no longer able to “weigh consequences, plan, or process thoughts” in ways considered rational. As such, decision-making is left out and life is lived by “raw emotion” alone.

If it’s clear that making decisions is getting harder and harder, it’s time to take a step back and see if anxiety is ruling life. If so, lifestyle changes are needed immediately to decrease anxiety and avoid suffering a nervous breakdown.

Sleep is difficult on the verge of mental collapse

insomnia is a sign of a nervous breakdown

When people don’t get enough sleep and suffer from insomnia, it can be difficult for them to “react appropriately to negative emotions”, according to The conversation. As a result, people tend to feel more depressed because what they are going through in life seems to be bigger and more negative than it actually is. And when this happens, functioning can become difficult, which will lead to a nervous breakdown.

According to UT Southwestern Medical Center. As such, if insomnia is experienced for long periods of time which causes depression, it is recommended to speak to a medical professional to get the help needed before depression occurs.

Panic attacks can be a precondition for a blackout

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A panic attack is not the same as a nervous breakdown. However, having multiple panic attacks can be an indicator that a nervous breakdown is about to occur.

According to Bridges to Recovery Beverly Hills, panic attacks “come on suddenly and without warning”. They may have symptoms, according to the publication which includes:

  • feel detached
  • Feeling of loss of control
  • Tremors
  • rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • Nausea

Although these feelings are frightening, they can become manageable if help is sought. However, if these feelings are not addressed, there is a very real risk that a mental breakdown could occur. It’s not because of the panic attacks themselves, but because of why panic attacks go untreated. And unfortunately, the longer without treatment, the greater the mental breakdown can be.

Source: Healthline, Scientific American, The Conversation, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Bridges To Recovery Beverly Hills

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