Ron Jeremy hearing delayed after alleged mental ‘breakdown’, sent to mental health facility

Former adult film star Ron Jeremy has seen life completely turned upside down, going from one of a potential crossover industry favorite to an infamous alleged sex criminal. The icing on the cake, the latest developments would have taken a heavy toll on his psyche. Jeremy was due to appear in court as part of his effort to split his sexual assault charges into 21 different trials.

The former adult star, real name Ronald Hyatt, was reportedly ‘inconsistent’ when bailiffs tried to retrieve him from his cell. A 45-minute wait and some delays led defense attorney Stuart Goldfarb to check on his client, finding that Jeremy could not recognize him.

“I tried to get his attention – without success,” Goldfarb told the court judge. “He was unable to determine who I was.” After the attorney’s word, Judge George Lomeli remanded Jeremy to Hollywood Mental Health Court and ordered his transfer. The hearing was also postponed and the judge did not rule on dividing the cases into different trials.

Findings from the mental health assessments must be completed by April 19 for a hearing in Los Angeles Criminal Court. The former adult film star has been charged with 34 counts, including the rape and sexual assault of girls as young as 15. Some of the allegations date back 40 years, although Jeremy has pleaded not guilty.

The motivation for the separate trials stems from arguments by Jeremy’s legal team that the number of charges and the seriousness of some of the allegations, including the women’s drugs, require separate trials. They also say it would be a civil rights violation against Jeremy if the charges proceed to trial, originally starting May 2.

“The mere fact that Mr. Hyatt will have to defend himself against 24 accusers and 25 incidents over nearly 40 years will necessarily mean that his defense against each charge will not be the same,” Jeremy’s lawyers argued, according to the Daily mail. “Learning that Mr. Hyatt allegedly molested underage victims would make it difficult for jurors in this case to try him fairly on allegations that did not involve minors.”

Two of the accusers are indeed minors, one who was 15 at the time and another who was 17 when she claims Jeremy raped her. Jeremy’s adult film career spanned from 1979 to 2018.

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