‘RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Teases Her ‘Mini Mental Breakdown’ and Clarifies Marriage Issues (Exclusive)

‘RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Teases Her ‘Mini Mental Breakdown’ and Clarifies Marriage Issues (Exclusive)

Lisa Hochstein knew The Real Housewives of Miami wasn’t done for good when Bravo ended the series after just three seasons in 2013.

“I had a psychic that I spoke to right after the last meeting aired, or after we were told we were ‘cancelled,’ and the psychic told me a lot of things, including the birth of my son,” Lisa shares with ET via video chat. “No one knew we were doing this secretly behind the scenes and she said the show was coming back. Not now, but maybe six or seven years later and she was right. I always had it on my back out of my mind that we would probably come back.”

“A lot of people ask for her number,” she jokes of the medium, before admitting she didn’t fully believing the show was coming back until she signed her contract.

“They threatened us to come back over the last eight years about two or three times and it never happened,” she admits. “I was a little skeptical. Every time we were asked to come back, I was definitely a little skeptical and said, ‘I’ll believe it when I see the contract and sign my life. That’s when it became real. today it’s true.”

the RHOM revival/reboot debuted last week on Peacock, picking up with Lisa and some of her fellow mojito-holders – Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Adriana de Moura and Larsa Pippen (although, in its first/previously only season, the ‘ Wives held champagne flutes) – as if time hadn’t passed… sort of.

“It was almost again again,” says Lisa. “I had to get comfortable – listen, I haven’t been on the air and I haven’t had cameras in my life that have followed me for so long. To have that happen again was really like learning to ride a bike again.”

A lot of life has passed between the two, so the ladies and viewers are playing a bit of high-speed catch-up in these early episodes. After two seasons documenting her struggle to become a mom, Lisa and her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, welcomed two children: son Logan in 2015 and daughter Elle in 2019, both via surrogate. She and Lenny also started a new business, Hochstein Med Spa, and finished building their “dream house” on Star Island.

“I’m almost kind of relieved that I got this break to do everything, because – that would have been great TV – but really hard on my soul and all things emotional,” Lisa thought to herself. “I’m glad I got it all done and I can show it to you and it’s all complete. The kids, the house, the job, the medical spa, all of it.”

There are also the not-so-pretty parts of life that happened during RHOM the cameras were down. Lisa and Lenny fell on a rough patch right after the end of Season 3, a hit on the radar of their nearly 15-year relationship that Lisa had to see again in Episodes 1 and 2.

“It was absolutely a closed wound, something I didn’t think I would have to rehash or ever have to talk about,” Lisa says, speaking of the “emotional affair” Lenny had during a brief period of separation. . The pressure of getting pregnant proved too much for the couple, but they eventually found their way back to each other and fulfilled their dream of starting a family.

“Honestly, it really wasn’t much,” she says, hinting that the show made Lenny’s flirtation with another woman more important than it was. Lisa described the unidentified person as a “$2 ho” on the first episode.

“I should have explained myself better,” continues Lisa. “It was more about Lenny and me, and not so much about another person. We were going through our own struggles. We broke up, and then whatever happened, happened. We decided that we loved each other so much, we want to be together, we couldn’t be apart from each other. The separation lasted about a month and a half – it wasn’t long at all. It was just, we couldn’t be apart. We can’t be apart, and when we were apart — and when I was ready to say, “Goodbye, let me sign the papers. I’m not gonna be a part of that…” — that’s when he realized that’s not what we wanted. We wanted to try to have the family we always dreamed of and God thank you, we did it, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have Logan and Elle. So thank God for not giving up.”

When the Season 4 trailer dropped earlier this month, it heavily hinted at marital troubles for the Hochsteins. Lisa says it took her by surprise.

“You know, I was shocked like everyone else to see that we had [issues]“, she offers, laughing. “I don’t feel like we have any problems at the moment. …I have an amazing relationship with Lenny right now. We hit bumps and stuff like everyone else. We go through our ups and downs, and there are days when I want to, say, dislike him and there are days when I’m obsessed with him. I would like to say that we are in a very good position at the moment. It’s just life, it’s relationships. We’ve been together for 14 years and you can’t expect that time frame to be perfect. There will be problems along the way.”

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While Lisa says she and Lenny are great, she will watch the show and use it as a kind of mirror to learn things about herself and her relationships that she may have missed in the moment.

“I don’t like watching episodes with anyone,” she admits. “I like watching them for myself because I need to digest what’s going on and what I’m seeing. We [the cast]sure get the episodes a little before everyone else just so we can talk to each other a bit from the ledge but overall i’m ok with what i’m seeing so far and i’m not horrified again.”

“Yes” is the key word here. Lisa is quick to add “there are going to be some questionable times with me that I’m not looking forward to”.

“There was a low point for me,” she teases. “I don’t want to say too much, but I feel like I had a tiny little mental breakdown that wasn’t, that I couldn’t control. It was hard for me because I really love being in control of my emotions and this whole journey got the better of me in that moment, so it’s not going to be – or maybe it will be – fun for me to watch, I don’t know.”

Lisa is in a totally different place to live this time around. When she first joined the show in 2012, she was in her late twenties, making her one of the youngest real housewives actors of all time.

“I couldn’t believe they dumped me,” she reveals. “I thought you had to be in your thirties – at least! – to have maybe a bit more life experience and so the age gap wouldn’t be so different or different. I realized that few no matter how old you are, no matter how you vibe with someone Age is nothing but a number as they say and it is definitely true.

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Still, Lisa says, “I feel like [the show is] just better for me this time around”, noting how more life experiences have made her a better wife, mother, and friend. In the Season 3 finale, Lisa described herself as the ” connector” of the group. Time has only made this title more true for her.

“I’m probably the one who’s always been friends with everyone except a few people who aren’t even included on the show right now,” she says. Former stars Lea Black, Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra and Ana Quincoces did not return for the revival, so viewers can read between the lines there.

“I have always stayed in touch with most of the women,” she repeats. “They come to all my parties. I have dinner with them together and separately and maybe they weren’t all in touch, so I guess I’m still a connector in some way.”

Lisa says the only former cast member she was surprised to see do not returning was Lea, the eccentric socialite who held court as the central figure of the group during its original run.

“She’s still a good friend of mine, I love Lea,” Lisa raves. “I think she would have been a good addition to the show, but the others didn’t surprise me.”

Lisa was pleasantly surprised to see Larsa return, even though they never overlapped as castmates. Larsa left the show after just one season, while Lisa joined in her sophomore year.

“I’ve known Larsa for 14 years,” says Lisa. “She was more of an acquaintance. We were running around in the same social circles, I would see her at an event. ‘Hello and goodbye’, that was it. Then a year before the show, we became friends and from very good friends. We have the same social circles. We like to do the same things. We like to hang out, we like to have a good time, we like to dress sexy. We’re very similar in a lot of ways.”

But proximity can lead to friction. The trailer features a tense moment between the two, with Larsa snapping at Lisa to “stay out of it like you always do.” Fans will have to wait and see what leads up to this, but it appears to be Larsa’s reaction to being stacked on her own for seasons by some women. The first two episodes alone featured a number of criticisms from the ladies about Larsa’s looks, career choices, and love life.

“I think Larsa would probably say…I think she noted it’s that I don’t talk enough for her,” Lisa said of the exchange. “But you know, not all battles are mine to fight. Some people have to chop it by themselves. I had a lot of problems for getting too involved in the second and third season. I’ll say my bit when I get it, and if I have a real opinion on what’s going on and if there’s a fight I feel I need to intercept, I will.”

“I just feel like this conversation was…I had to make my point and she was just trying to control what I was saying,” Larsa told ET. “I was like, ‘No, no. You always stay safe, so you stay safe. Just let me express my feelings and say [the women] How do I feel.'”

There’s plenty of season left to watch, which means plenty more drama to unfold. Lisa says the public should keep an eye out for women whose names begin with “A” and “M” because they stir the pot the most. She’s more than likely referring to the season’s “friends of” Adriana and Marysol.

“I think that at the end of the day, we are all brewers”, she then adds in the qualifier. “I think we know we’re on a show. We all have a little– we all want a little pot to stir. A bunch of witches with a pot to stir. I think that’s the nature of the beast and that is why we are here.”

“Instead of mojitos…we should all be holding a broom!” she cracks.

The Real Housewives of Miami is now streaming on Peacock, with new episodes debuting every Thursday.

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