Rainy days for mental health issues | Rajkot News

RAJKOT: The monsoon can be seen as a season of romance in Bollywood films and literature, but for many the rains bring a deluge of mental health issues.
A survey of 1,174 people by Saurashtra UniversityThe Psychology Department has revealed that a majority of people are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that accompanies the change in weather.

The condition is also attributed to prolonged lack of sunlight, which depletes vitamin D levels. A person experiences weight loss, insomnia, lack of appetite, restlessness, or anxiety, among a few other symptoms. He gets angry too.
Assistant Professor Dhara Doshi and PG student Kartavi Bhatt, who conducted the survey, found that more women suffered from SAD than men. The survey was deliberately carried out in July, when it was raining heavily in the city while the sky remained overcast most of the time.
According to the survey, sleep disorders and fatigue due to the change of seasons were observed in 21% of women while 14.20% of men suffered from these symptoms. Apathy and depression were observed in 24% of women while 16.20% of men suffered from it.
Regarding increased irritability, 27% of women and 13% of men had this symptom. While 36% of women complain of digestive problems, only 11% of men do.
People between the ages of 15 and 40 were included in the survey and it was based on personal interactions with patients as well as doctors.
Doshi said: “We found that young people and especially women are more prone to this disorder which is a type of depression. The patient becomes a victim of this disorder during monsoon due to cloudy weather. People with bipolar disorder are more prone to mood swings during monsoons.

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