Queer Horror Film Follows One Man’s Mental Collapse

XYZ Films has released the official trailer for the upcoming film Hypochondriac. The psychological horror film delves into the effects of a man’s mental breakdown once he begins to spiral, inspired by the filmmaker’s own real-life mental health issues. You can take a peek at the film by watching the trailer below ahead of its theatrical debut on July 29, 2022.

Hypochondriac is written and directed by Addison Heimann. It stars Zach Villa (american horror story), Devon Gray (Dexter), Madeline Zima (The nanny), Yumarie Morales (The narrowing next door), Marlene Forte (Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe), Chris Doubek (lovers of hate) and Paget Brewster (how i met your father). You can read the official synopsis for the film below.


Will, a young Hispanic gay potter, is a gregarious guy. Her boss is terrible, but he has a great boyfriend and a great job. Unfortunately, behind this veneer lies a dark past of violence and mental illness that he desperately tries to hide. When his bipolar mother comes out of the woodwork after ten years of silence, he begins to exhibit inexplicable symptoms and becomes obsessed, determined to solve his own mystery.

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The hypochondriac is inspired by real events

“So basically the movie you’re going to watch is a horror movie about my mental breakdown,” filmmaker Addison Heimann said of the movie. “It wasn’t fun. I mean, they never are, are they? And if you think they are, maybe you’re not the right audience for this movie. I’m kidding, the movie is funny! There are jokes! Please laugh. tragedy plus time and there are things that happened during those six months that I lost the function of my forearms and convinced myself that I was dying that are too, too funny in retrospect. Certainly not then. But in retrospect! Like I just said, comedy, tragedy, time, etc.”

The director added, “My goal with this film was to visually capture what it was like to have a nervous breakdown. It’s all from the perspective of Will (my cypher). The classic trope of the unreliable narrator (but he’s weird, so that makes him feel new, right?) There’s a lot of movies that allowed me to create this movie, and I’m eternally grateful for making movies right now and pushing the genre forward (hopefully I did, you be the judge.) I don’t have all the answers on how to live with mental illness (I’m still working on it), but I know that until you acknowledge that you have a problem and you ask for help, you will be stuck in the dark. you do, help will come. It will come.

“It’s so hard to ask for help, I know how badly I wanted to not be a burden to anyone, but you need it,” Heimann said. “That’s what friends are for. That’s what it’s all about. The story of a young half-Puerto Rican child who begins to succumb to his mother’s mental illness, in the first stage healing: acceptance of this disease. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t, hey, the movie is subjective! It’s gravy baby.”

Hypochondriac is set to hit theaters on July 29, 2022, followed by an on-demand and digital release on August 4, 2022. The film is unrated and is 96 minutes long.

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