Personal Stories of Mental Illness, by Dr. Russell Kennedy, Making a Difference for Those Who Suffer.



Dr Kennedy has spent years dedicated to anxiety relief and has used this knowledge to develop courses, programs, events and various digital platforms that provide people with debilitating anxiety the answers they want. to live a happier and more balanced life.

Dr Russell Kennedy first encountered fear and anxiety as he suffered as a child of a parent with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Having lived through such a traumatic youth is exactly what led him to pursue medicine and gain a better understanding of what causes mental health issues. More importantly, it led him to discover what can relieve them… for good!

Author of the # 1 Amazon seller, Anxiety Rx, and widely known as The Anxiety MD, Dr Russell Kennedy, is a neuroscientist, MD who also has master’s level training in developmental psychology, corporate speaker, yoga and meditation teacher (RYT-200) AND professional comedian since 2006. Perhaps the years of jokes and humor have prepared the doctor for such a serious career and have enabled him to make a huge difference in the lives of many others by approaching such a sensitive subject in a light and relevant tone. Dr Kennedy has spent years dedicated to anxiety relief and has used this knowledge to develop courses, programs, events and various digital platforms that provide people with debilitating anxiety the answers they want. to live a happier and more balanced life.

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What allows Dr. Kennedy’s methods to truly work their magic is that they come from a place of fully understanding anxiety, both personally and professionally. He has lived through the challenges and can fully understand his patients, thus taking the worry out of the embarrassment they often have. The problem with many traditional therapies is that they don’t completely treat the condition we call “anxiety”. Traditional treatment methods usually focus on changing the way a person thinks. Dr. Kennedy, however, maintains that anxiety is more of a problem with the “sensitive” body than with the “thinking” mind. Dr. Kennedy’s research has shown that it is essential for true healing to allow the body to release what is trapped within and to feel the feelings associated with events to truly let go.

The courses, programs, events and digital platforms developed over the years by MD Anxiety have enabled the doctor to help many people create better lives free from anxiety and the wide range of emotions that accompany illness.

Dr. Kennedy’s comprehensive list of resources includes a wide range of methods that enable people with any type of learning preference to benefit from his programs. A unique factor in Dr. Kennedy’s delivery style is that he is in step with today’s means of receiving information. Today, people are looking for practical knowledge, the expertise of someone they trust, and sources that provide interesting information. As a result, Dr. Kennedy has carefully created digital platforms that reach people anywhere, anytime.

  • The Anxiety MD YouTube channel: Here Dr. Kennedy provides informative techniques and useful strategies, for the vast online network he has built, to help understand why people are anxious, how to stop panic attacks, find relief with three questions singles and he even adds videos showcasing his stand-up acts. Laugh with the thousands of other people who love Dr. Kennedy and share how laughter can truly be the best medicine!
  • @theanxietymd on Instagram: Everyone’s Favorite Emotional Trauma Surgeon provides quick tips, quotes and links to help busy people stay on track mentally and emotionally.
  • Anxiety Rx: This powerful podcast features Dr. Kennedy and his co-host, Dr. Lorne Brown, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, discussing making meaningful connections between mind and body to resolve internal feelings of anxiety and how to overcome it to reach their full potential.
  • Clubhouse: @theanxietymd offers a strong presence on the latest social media audio apps platform to provide its knowledge of anxiety and helpful remedies to overcome it.

As a doctor who himself has experienced anxiety and discontent in his life because of it, he has proven to be exactly the one who helps others successfully overcome their anxiety and chronic worries and move on. to a place of peace and tranquility.
MD Anxiety provides all the resources needed to regain a life of certainty.

The best weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.“- William Jones


Dr. Russell Kennedy is the author of Amazon’s # 1 bestseller, Rx anxiety. He is a neuroscientist and doctor who graduated from the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Kennedy has a Masters-level training in Developmental Psychology from the Neufeld Institute, and is a corporate speaker and teacher of Yoga and Meditation (RYT-200). In addition, Dr. Kennedy, widely known as MD Anxiety, has been a comedian since 2000, an attribute that certainly sets him apart from other doctors and one could imagine that it allows him to have a much appreciated bedside manner.

Dr Kennedy suffered from severe anxiety as a child, which prompted him to pursue a career in medicine that would allow him to help others avoid painful lives. Today, he has developed a variety of courses and programs that help individuals get answers that ultimately allow them to live more balanced lives free from chronic worry and debilitating anxiety.

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