Panic ensues as Instagram suffers from yet another mental breakdown.



Instagram indeed has a creative way of working on people’s nervousness. And today, out of the blue, the app decided to shut down, sending users into a frenzy as a good majority thought they were banned from the app. The day and age are such that a random ban feat is hardly a surprise. And understandably, to calm their nerves, most users turned to Twitter. After all, confirming that it’s not just you getting off is always very reassuring. And there, most users breathed a sigh of relief as “Instagram Down” was all the rage on Twitter. The claim that the app is down is what is needed to boost morale. Talk about irony! Other reports have shown the app to be down in the UK and US. However, based on people’s reactions and responses, it appears that the tremors were felt on a global scale.

Instagram down

This isn’t the very first time the app has crashed. It’s also not the first time that users have used Twitter to kick off a memes festival. However, this time the app managed to scare us away, as the app notification read, “We are limiting how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community.” The reason for this sudden enlightenment is still unknown. Although the users weren’t really happy. The pandemic has already put a limit on how often we can do certain things. We don’t want Instagram to do the same! As soon as the app launched its gadgets, users took to Twitter. First to make sure it’s not just them and later to join the same fest. There’s no denying that Twitter is a blessing when an app crashes. Memes are a great way to kill time while you wait for things to be sorted out. Here are some hilarious Twitter memes worth checking out.

A mental collapse that almost led to a real mental collapse for internet users.

The majority of users received the notification when they sneaked into dms. It is rather unpleasant to wait to answer. We are talking about spontaneous thoughts here. These cannot wait!

If we take a poll to choose the preferred app, who will win?

Instagram was the only one left to limit what we can do. Now that has also happened. At least they asked for an opinion with the “Tell us” statement. (Although clicking “Tell us” was more frustrating than the actual problem.)

Turning off the phone is a better bet. Because there were a few souls who kept deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Yes, there are better jokes!

You are not alone. Everyone has had a panic attack. As soon as the app stopped working, words like “banned” and “hacked” started appearing in the background.

A very precise description of what happens after an application crashes.

A shivering notification and crazy acting app. Do you need a better reason to have a “cold in your back?” “


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