Olivia Cooke had a ‘complete mental breakdown’ | Entertainment

Olivia Cooke suffered a “total mental breakdown” at the age of 22.

The ‘House of the Dragon’ actress went through a ‘horrible’ time in 2016 but refused to take a break and credits filming ‘Ready Player One’ and ‘Thoroughbreds’ while working through her struggles as a welcome distraction .

She remembers: “It was bad, bad. Horrible, in fact.

“I was working the whole way. I was really good at hiding it. If anything, I was like, let me escape.”

From 2013 to 2017, the British star worked in Canada, playing Emma Decody on ‘Bates Motel’, and although she was ‘so grateful’ to have worked on the show, she admitted she felt very isolated and fell into depression.

She told Observer magazine, “I’m so grateful for this work, but I struggled to do it.

“The way the schedule worked, we all had different scenarios, so I spent a lot of time in this apartment in Vancouver, working once every two weeks…

“It was a lovely big old cocktail: being homesick and not knowing it, not having stopped since I was 18, being alone for long periods of time.”

But Olivia, now 28, was never afraid to stand up for herself on set.

She said: ‘I was always quite protective of myself and knew my limits and knew if anyone was taking the p***. And no one else is going to tell, usually.

“If it happens more than twice, then I speak.”

While Olivia’s mental health has improved over time, it took her until 2019 to have consecutive days without ‘the incessant, lingering and anxious thoughts’ but had to return to London from New York. at the beginning of 2020 to make her really feel better.

She said: “What was really healing was going back to London.”

Looking to the future, the actress wants to start her own family.

She admitted: “More and more, I think I wanted to start a family.

“But it’s literally over the last couple of months… I just see how my sister is with her little boy, who is amazing, but also a savage – how she’s grown and this love she has.”

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