Office to Combat Mental Illness and Stigma – Mindanao Times

MAYOR Sara Duterte said the newly opened Mental Wellness Center will become the go-to place for homeless residents with mental health issues and will also help them find ways to cope with their issues.

Opening the center on Friday, the mayor said the office, which was built with funding of 26 million pesos and is located in the SPMC-IPBM complex at Claro M. Recto St., is a facility for these residents as it also serves as an outpatient counseling service centre.

“The establishment of the Davao City Mental Health Center for the Homeless is a welcome initiative by the local government, not only to provide a comfortable refuge for our homeless and mentally ill residents, but also to combat the stigma surrounding the mental health and community awareness. “, declared the mayor, praising the authors of the project.

She said she was optimistic that the project would inspire city residents to help each other to overcome challenges, including maintaining health well-being, including their mental health.

She also expressed her gratitude to the representative Claudine Bautista of the Dumper party for helping the city in the implementation of the project, especially in securing the fund.

Dr. Annalisa Malubay, director of the center, said the facility, considered the first of its kind in the country, is another achievement for the city. “This facility was created because our local government saw the need for a shelter that caters to these psychotic wanderers or anyone with mental disabilities, especially during the pandemic. Although our city has existing shelters for the homeless, we cannot simply integrate our clients with them due to their special needs and special needs, but they are not supported by the local government” , said Malubay.

She added that the city will not provide shelter to those who need it because it “will have to make them (the mentally ill homeless) feel safe and protected.”

“Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to establish livelihood programs and other medical and non-medical services that can benefit not only admitted clients but also outpatients,” she said. added.

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