New webinar series offers insights from ASEAN experts on mental health

SINGAPORE — Professionals and members of the public who want to learn more about mental health issues from ASEAN experts can now do so through a series of webinars spanning eight sessions from Monday, March 7 to April 25.

The Asia Mental Health Program, which aims to bring together regional and local policymakers, professionals, specialists and academics, was launched on Monday by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and the Temasek Foundation.

Each week, experts from various ASEAN countries will discuss a different topic, such as youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Associate Professor Daniel Fung, chief executive of IMH, noted that mental health professionals in Singapore and other ASEAN countries have many commonalities in their practices.

“These include dealing with issues such as stigma, the debilitating effects of mental illness, integrated care for physical and mental illnesses, but chief among all in the current climate is the impact of the pandemic (Covid -19) on population mental health and care delivery,” he said.

Guest of honor Mohamad Maliki Osman, second foreign minister and second education minister, said that like pandemics, mental health issues also transcend geographical boundaries and age groups.

“I hope this webinar will serve as a platform for participants to exchange best practices, ideas and the latest data on mental health issues in the ASEAN region,” Dr. Maliki said, adding that he also hoped the webinar would inspire a call to action in the region.

Mr. Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Foundation International, said, “We hope this program can serve as a platform for regional stakeholders to network, collaborate and build on efforts to continue to de-stigmatize mental illness and find ways to help those in need of mental health care. health aid.”

Those wishing to register for the webinar series, which is free, can do so here.

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