Mentally ill man in jail for kidnapping juvenile released on bail


The Bombay High Court recently granted bail to an HIV-positive patient convicted of kidnapping a minor boy and threatening him with serious consequences. The SC noted that the accused was mentally ill and had even swallowed a razor blade.

A bench of judge Revati Mohite-Dere heard a request for release on bail filed by a certain Pandurang Sonawane, arrested in December 2018 for having kidnapped a minor boy while his father allegedly harassed him. “His medical report shows that he had swallowed a razor blade in December 2018 under the influence of alcohol. He was then treated by an ENT surgeon from JJ Hospital in Mumbai, ”noted the judge.

The judge further took into account that Sonawane had also been treated by a psychiatrist at JJ Hospital for hearing voices, irritability and decreased sleep for a month and a half; he was also admitted to Thane Psychiatric Hospital eight years ago.

The judge took into account the fact that her father is deceased, her mother is elderly and her uncle is 62 years old. The uncle has filed an affidavit-pledge, stating that he is aware of Sonawane’s state of health and that they have resided together since her birth. “He assumed full responsibility for his mental state,” took into account the judge and granted his request for release on bail.

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Posted on: Tuesday October 19, 2021 23:54 IST

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