Medical report suggests mentally ill girl was not raped, Rajasthan police say | Latest India News

Jaipur: A medical report has eased rape apprehensions of the mentally ill girl, who was found in distress with injuries to her private parts in Alwar district, police said on Friday.

New findings also revealed that the 14-year-old had traveled alone from her village to the city, they said. She was found bleeding and lying on a bridge near Tijara Fatak on Tuesday evening.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had ordered the police department to carry out a thorough investigation, following which a special investigation team was formed by the police superintendent of Alwar (SP). Doctors say the girl’s rectum was moved and she underwent a two-and-a-half-hour surgery.

“Today (Friday), a team of experts submitted a report to the police, in which they said the injuries were not suggestive of a penetrating assault on the girl. So far, the facts and technical information from medical experts suggest that there is no possibility of rape in this case,” Alwar SP Tejaswani Gautam told reporters.

The SP said police have yet to determine how the girl suffered such serious injuries.

Gautam told reporters that the girl traveled about 25 km from her village and reached the town of Alwar in an auto-rickshaw. She then walked to the Tijara Fatak Bridge “all by herself”.

“We were able to follow the young girl’s movements and trace the auto-rickshaw in which she was traveling with 8 to 10 other passengers. A team of forensic experts found nothing suspicious in the auto-rickshaw. The driver has been questioned and her co-passengers will be questioned,” the SP said.

CCTV footage collected from various locations showed her walking through many parts of town and on the bridge, but no cameras found her in a distressed state on the bridge, police said. Official sources said the chief minister was constantly monitoring the matter. “Inspector General of Jaipur Police visited Alwar on Wednesday and issued necessary instructions to the District Police. Required forensic and technical assistance was provided,” a source said.

During this time, a child psychologist and experts also interacted with the girl. Police said they were preparing a questionnaire for the experts so they could ask the girl for answers.

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