Listen to Krysta Young’s New Single “Mental Breakdown”

Rising artist, Krysta Youngs, has accomplished so much in her career so far, releasing a plethora of records through labels like Spinnin’, Armada, Lowly, Sony, Trap City, Dim Mak, and more. Now, the artist has just released her new single, “Mental Breakdown,” which is a sonic expression of herself that aims to raise awareness for mental health issues and more.

“Mental Breakdown” is pieced together with tropical-inspired percussion, an upbeat vibe via major chord progressions and soft vocal chops in the fall that help a modern electronic feel breathe. Additionally, the instrumental boasts the catchy topline of Krysta Youngs herself who boasts an impressive vocal range.

Produced by Weirdos, “Mental Breakdown” is a track that helps bring the growing topic of mental health to the music industry. Lyrically, the single articulates an interior monologue, overturning thoughts of past broken relationships, and is a personalized perspective on the subject. It beautifully aims to help others let go of the past, overcome doubts and relieve mental anxiety.

As Krysta Youngs continues to deliver new tracks with powerful messages and meaning, she will continue to garner support and following new fans. Excitingly, 2022 will spit out a plethora of great things from Youngs as she impacts communities with her work.

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