Lawyer says kidnapping suspect has serious mental health issues, but man in surveillance is not him


The teenager accused of kidnapping and killing a four-year-old boy in Dallas, Texas, suffers from serious mental health problems, according to his lawyer. And the lawyer says the police actually have the wrong suspect.

Heath Harris, the attorney for 18-year-old suspect Darriynn Brown, spoke publicly about the case for the first time on Friday. Mr Harris says he saw disturbing surveillance footage of a man snatching Cash Gernon, four, from his cradle, but insists the kidnapper is not his client.

“The world is hurting this whole community by saying, ‘This is him’,” said Harris The morning news from Dallas.

The lawyer also told the newspaper that he would request a mental health assessment of Mr Brown, who he said suffers from serious mental health problems.

Cash went missing on the morning of May 15, after spending the night with his twin brother at the home of his father’s girlfriend, Monica Sherrod. Home security footage shows that around 5 a.m. a man entered the twins’ bedroom and pulled Cash from his bed. At around 11 a.m., Ms. Sherrod called the police to report her missing.

Later that morning, a jogger found Cash’s bloody body on the street about eight blocks from the house. Police say he was stabbed to death.

When Ms Sherrod viewed the surveillance footage, she told police that the intruder was Mr Brown. She would have recognized him because he attended school with his son.

Mr Brown has been charged with burglary and kidnapping, but police have said no murder charges will be laid until testing of the evidence is complete.

“Dallas investigators are planning additional charges, pending the results of a forensic analysis,” the Dallas Police Department said in a statement. declaration.

Mr. Harris has denied all of these accusations.

“This is not an open and closed case,” the lawyer said noted. “Even if you believe it is [Mr Brown] on the video, that doesn’t mean he killed the kid.

Mr. Brown is being held at Dallas County Jail, where his bail has been set at $ 1.625 million.

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