Launch of a thematic MRT to stimulate public support for people with mental illness –

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The Beyond the Label (BTL) movement, a collaboration between the National Board of Social Services (NCSS) and Touch Community Services, launched a themed MRT train today (October 25) to destigmatize mental health issues and encourage the public to better support people with mental health problems.

The concept trains will operate 19 hours a day for four weeks from today, with the aim of reaching 500,000 passengers on the North-South line.

The train features the image of the movement’s mascot “BRAVE” and includes speech bubbles that teach viewers how to interact with those who suffer from poor mental health, showing how peer support can help those on their recovery journey. who have mental health issues.

The BTL team also installed pebble paths in the community with messages of encouragement, written signs indicating where to find resources and services related to mental illness, and organized mobile displays in schools and the community. community .

Minister of State Alvin Tan presided over the unveiling ceremony and said that in addition to raising awareness about mental health, the team hopes to eliminate social stigma against mental illness and help people master the skills of basis for helping each other and themselves, at the same time. time.

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