Lark Voorhies talks about his mental illness

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Lark Voorhies or better known as Lisa Turtle during her acting career on the show ‘Saved By The Bell’ was every teenage crush when the show came out. She started her acting career at the age of fourteen and wanted to go big with her dreams. While she didn’t just star on this show, it’s what she’s best known for. The wealthy friend who just seemed to care about her appearance was her stable. It was the number of people who knew this woman. But something lurked beneath the surface all these years. Something the actress just talked about.

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At the end of “Saved By The Bell,” the actress seemed to fade away for a few years. She didn’t have many starting pitches or anything in the early 2000s. Her life was pretty quiet, but her fans thought something darker was going on. They thought she had fallen into the trap that many young actresses and actors fall into, drug addiction. She wouldn’t have been the first to dive into this world and it wouldn’t have come as a shock to the world if she had.

But the truth was a little harder to swallow than that. Something no one talks about until recent years. Mental Health.

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Mental health is a big issue everywhere, but fans first took notice of her new appearance and her erratic behavior. They just assumed the worst and were going to dismiss her as another junkie.

It was actually her mother who came out to tell the world that her daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For those of you who don’t know what it is, these are the major changes between moods when there doesn’t seem to be a reason for such a drastic change. Which means the behavior Voorhies was showing was just his mental illness showing his ugly head.

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Unfortunately, Voorhies’ worries weren’t over by then. She was to marry a known gang member despite her mother’s concerns. It was assumed that she was just not in the right frame of mind. That this man was taking advantage of his sanity.

This marriage would end the divorce and from there he could only go up for Voorhies. She had come out of a controlling and somewhat scary marriage after all. She was finally able to take control of her mental illness which had largely affected her life for years.

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If you take a look at her Instagram now, it shows a healthy woman who seems to have her life together. She smiles, her makeup is perfectly done and overall she looks better. It turns out that getting help is the greatest help you can get. It even helped her not get invited to the show’s reboot.

Now she’s going to reveal to the public what it’s really like to live with a disorder that so many people don’t understand. We can’t wait to see what she shares on Dr. Oz on February 19.

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