Krysta Youngs Drops Meaningful Message In ‘Mental Breakdown’ Music Video

Krysta Youngs has accomplished more in a year than most artists in a lifetime. From writing songs with some of the biggest names in the world to releasing signed records at Spinnin’, Armada, Lowly, Sony Trap City, Dim Mak, and more. “Mental Breakdown” is his next adventure and comes with a stunning music video with some deeply meaningful takeaways.

Mental health is a growing topic of discussion in the music industry,”Nervous breakdownbrings it back to center stage, with a personified and relatable perspective thanks to the talents and creative direction of Krista Young. The lyrics articulate a sort of inner monologue, reflections on a past relationship that was hard to let go of, which leads to doubts, mood swings and unorthodox behavior. As the lyrics unfold measure by measure, Youth goes from a bedridden depression to a frenzy of excitement, only to find himself under the covers again at the end of the song – weighed down by an inescapable mental anxiety.

Accompanying the visual aspect is Youth‘sound paradise of the production aesthetic that brings together tropical-inspired percussion, an upbeat vibe via major chord progressions and soft vocal chops in the drop that help a modern electronic feel breathe. Layered over the instrumental is the eye-catching topline of Krista Young herself who has an impressive vocal range.

Nervous breakdownsymbolizes what millions of ordinary people can go through when failures befall them or things don’t turn out the way we thought. Without a mental protocol to deal with the fallout, we can find ourselves spiraling, tied to the feeling that there is no way out of the abyss.

The silver lining that Youngs shares is that while media and societal perceptions can make it seem like everyone is living their best life 100% of the time, “Nervous breakdown” shows that in reality, most people go through episodes of negative emotions that they simply cannot prevent. Some worse than others, but it happens to all of us.

Nervous breakdownputs an artistic spin on an uncomfortable corner of human nature, ironically, but letting the viewer know that everything will be fine in the end – which it is.

Watch the video below!

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