Keira Knightley opened up about her mental breakdown

According to Knightley, the breakdown happened in 2007, when she was 22, after she rose to global stardom in play it like Beckham, Pirates of the Caribbean and love in fact.

“I had a nervous breakdown at 22, so I took a year off there and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder because of all that,” Knightley said. The Hollywood Reporter on their “Awards Chatter” podcast.


Speaking of “all of it,” Knightley was referring to the pressure of her early success, the emphasis on her appearance in the press, and the doggedness of the paparazzi.

The actress, now 33, said she was regularly followed by up to 20 paparazzi a day, revealing she felt “worthless”. “It was a lot of money to get pictures of women falling apart,” she added.

Along with being baited daily by hordes of paparazzi, Knightley battled negativity in the press.

“It was still very confusing because you get all these nominations for all these things, but on the press side, when I go to interviews, people say, ‘Everyone thinks you’re shit’ or focus on your looks, or focusing on what’s wrong with you. And again, I was 19 – you can only hear negative things,” she said. almost like I didn’t exist and I was this weird creature with this weird face that people seemed to react to in pretty extreme ways, and I couldn’t figure anything out.”

After suffering a mental breakdown and being diagnosed with PTSD, Knightley took a year off, which she called “one of the most important years of my life”.

When she returned to work after ‘going deep into therapy’, Knightley said she felt great: ‘I felt better – and suddenly I didn’t care. [about the views of others].”

Reflecting on that time in her life, Knightley said: “I look back and just want to hug myself and say, ‘Oh you’re fine, you’ll be fine. You know?”

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