Kanye on the brink of mental collapse, sources say

Kanye West

Kanye on the brink of mental collapse, sources say

East Kanye “Ye” West on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Close friends of the rapper believe so.

sources close to Kanye “Ye” West say the downward spiral began just before her now infamous Paris Week fashion show. The “College Dropout” rapper fired his publicist and ditched the show’s original theme for a “white lives matter” showcase. From there, things got even more chaotic.

Kanye West - White Lives Matter

That same day, Kanye West reportedly went against the advice of his team and scheduled himself as a guest on the Fox News curator Tucker-Carlson To display. Some of those same consultants and advisers who disagreed with his ideas or did not support his vision were also fired.

Shortly after his ‘white lives matter’ show went viral, fans witnessed Kanye “Ye” West having multiple social media meltdowns.

The self-proclaimed freethinker hurled insults and obscenities at anyone who had anything negative to say about the fashion choice, including the music mogul and his longtime friend. DidiVogue Stylist Gabriella Karefa Johnsonmodel Gigi Hadidinfluencer Hailey Bieberand rapper Boosie.

More recently, you directed his anger at the Jewish community by posting “Death Con 3” threats. He said,

“I’m a little sleepy tonight but when I woke up I’m gonna die a jerk 3 On JEWS Funny thing is I can’t be anti-semitic because black people are actually Jewish too You played with me and tried to black ball anyone who opposes your agenda.

Jewish threat from Kanye

On top of all that, the 45-year-old is reportedly building a squad for a potential presidential election in 2024.

With everything going on, sources around him say that you barely sleeps and they are worried. Although they want him to seek professional help, they have no idea who can reach him.

you was hospitalized for mental health issues in 2016. In 2019, he revealed he had bipolar disorder.

Who do you think can convince Ye to get professional help? Tell us in the comments below.

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