Homosexuality is a mental disorder – Akwasi Osei

He said that the argument that “homosexuality is normal” was therefore not tenable.

He said that “Just about one to three percent of all societies in the world are gay people, the vast majority are heterosexual, so 97 to 99 percent are heterosexual.

“So if you only have one to three percent (of being gay), how do you say it’s so common that you want to think of it as normal?” ”

“There is a scientific way to determine what is normal, therefore, it is not open to the whims and whims of people. Normality is determined by the frequency of occurrence, not by birth scientifically ……”, a he added.

On behalf of Moses Foh-Amoaning, the executive director of the Coalition, he argued that “no true homosexual is going to want to stay in what he is doing because having through the anus, using the penis for the do, how can this be appropriate? ”

“Are you aware of oral sex? Are you aware that this bill criminalizes it?”

The anti-LGBTQ bill, titled “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values ​​Bill 2021”, was submitted to Parliament in June 2021.

The bill, among others, seeks to criminalize being LGBTQ + or defending LGBTQ + rights. Offenders could face prison terms.

The submission of the bill to parliament had sparked a great public debate on its advisability.

Many religious organizations and like-minded institutions and individuals expressed their full support for the passage of the bill while some civil society organizations (CSOs) and other activists opposed it, explaining that it would violate the human rights of LGBTQ + people. people in the country and subject them to persecution and violence.

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