Homosexuality a mental disorder, not a biological one – Prof Akwasi Osei


Professor Akwasi Osei, Proponent of Appropriate Human Sexual Rights

Professor Akwasi Osei, member of the National Coalition for Human Sexual Rights and Appropriate Family Values, said homosexuality is abnormal behavior, mostly learned and not biologically determined.

Professor Osei, who is also chief executive of the Mental Health Authority, said the argument that “homosexuality is normal” was therefore not tenable.

Professor Osei said this in his presentation to the public hearing of the Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on “Promotion of Appropriate Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values ​​2021”, in Accra.

“Just about one to three percent of any society in the world are gay, the vast majority are heterosexual, so 97 to 99 percent are heterosexual,” he said.

“So if you only have one to three percent (of being gay), how do you say it’s so common that you want to think of it as normal?” “

The Coalition’s presentation focused on addressing the real issues of LGBT people.

He pointed out that people learned about homosexuality as a habit; adding that only a few homosexuals are born with homosexual tendencies.

Professor Osei said the claim that the biological basis for homosexuality is scientific is false and that homosexuality is not a human right.

There was no national registry of LGBTQI people, but a study conducted by an NGO indicated that there were around 650,000 people in the country with homosexual tendencies (LGBTQI), he explained.

He said the total number was around 0.02% of the Ghanaian population, saying “how can you say that 0.02% is a common occurrence and therefore is normal?”

Professor Osei said a majority of homosexuals learned about it through peer pressure, while others were simply out of adventure and curiosity.

He said there were others who developed hatred for the opposite sex due to defilement or rape in their childhood, and as a result sometimes became lesbians or gays.

“There is a scientific way to determine what is normal, so it is not open to the whims and whims of people. Normality is determined by the frequency of occurrence, not by birth scientifically …… ”

Mr. Moses Foh-Amoaning, Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Human Sexual Rights and Appropriate Family Values, said the Coalition has developed a holistic sex therapy system that addresses the real issues of LGBT people.

He said the Coalition came to the bill with around 10 years of experience investigating, finding and treating LGBT people, with a focus on “hundreds and hundreds of them” .

“So the question is, what is the strategic goal of the LGBT movement? Is there an LGBT moment? Yes. It is a distinction that must be made between those who lobby, who finance, who push the idea….

“A distinction must be made between these people and those who are genuinely involved in these activities and suffer from them for biological, psychological and other reasons,” he said.

Mr. Foh-Amoaning said that the core strategic goal of LGBT Moment was “to say that we all have to accept gay people and other LGBT behaviors, they don’t change, that’s their strategic goal.” Their basic strategy is propaganda, lies, half-truths, that’s what they do ”.

He said the LGBT movement’s strategy was to move away from what they were doing and focus on abstract things – such as human rights and minority rights.

Mr Foh-Amoaning said the gay movement’s biggest victory was to shift the debate from their behavior to identity.

He alleged that some NGOs were funded to promote the LGBT agenda in the country.

Coalition member Professor Afua Hesse said the bill provides for medical care for children and a multidisciplinary team for sexual development disorders.

Children need protection from sexual abuse, especially sodomy with enough deterrents, she said.

Likewise, there should be psychosocial and medical health for victims and perpetrators as proposed by the bill and the system of holistic sex therapy, which incorporates all the knowledge that can be expected from various scientific fields.


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