Health insurance policies to cover mental illness from November 1

The coverage of health insurance policies is expanding: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory for all health insurance policies to cover mental illness. Previously, most health insurance policies did not cover mental illness, whether pre-existing or diagnosed after the policy was purchased. However, this will change from 1 November.Read also – Uttar Pradesh: Woman chained for 36 years finally gets her freedom

This will cover both new and old insurance plans

“This compulsory coverage means that insurers will have to consider mental illnesses in the same way as physical illnesses, in both old and new policies. This means that the insured will also be covered for hospitalization costs related to mental illness treatments,” ET quotes Siddharth Singhal, Business Head-Health Insurance, Read also – Money talks: As claims double and health insurance premiums rise, use these tips to save your money

New rule will make coverage for all sorts of mental illnesses mandatory

Diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease were not covered by basic comprehensive health policies before. Not anymore. “All mental illnesses such as dementia, depression and bipolar disorder must be covered unless certain specific exclusions are mentioned in the policy,” says Singhal. Read also – New surrogacy rules: Couples must purchase 3-year health insurance for surrogate mothers. All the details here

Will the OPD cost of mental illness be covered?

Most health insurance coverage only works when 24 hours of hospitalization is required. These policies will cover any mental illness requiring such hospitalization.

However, there are many new insurance policies that offer OPD coverage. What happens here if diagnosed with mental illness? “If the client has purchased OPD coverage, the costs for medical consultation, diagnostic tests, etc. will also be covered by the insurer,” Singhal explains.

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