Has Prince Harry had a “secret mental crisis”?



Made Prince harry suffer from a complete blackout due to the enormous stress he faces facing the royal family and the happiness of his wife Meghan Markle? Gossip cop investigated when this report first surfaced a year ago, and looks back today to analyze whether our initial conclusions were correct.

“Tragic struggle for reason”

According to World, Prince Harry “suffered a shocking mental depressionBecause of his “diva wife”. The Duke of Sussex “feared she would leave him – and take [their baby] Archie with her, ”which triggered a“ terrible nervous breakdown. ”Markle apparently“ asked Harry to pull the trigger on their secret plan to leave the Royal Family ”.

Their supposed source continued to make claims about weeks of therapy Prince Harry would have needed, as Meghan was “calling all the shots” and being his “determined American wife” was becoming too much to deal with.

Gossip Cop’s take

When this report was first published, we noted that Prince Harry had been open about his past mental health issues, and acknowledged the stress inherent in being constantly in the public eye, but ultimately broke down the story. The royal family is often the target of false rumors, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The relentless fake titles have become so prominent that the couple have filed a number of lawsuits over issues such as libel and invasion of privacy claims, some they have won while others continue to stand. clear your way through the courts.

And it seems our decision at the time was the right one. Since this false report broke, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved to the United States, bought a new home in California, and have started working together on a number of projects, such as a documentary deal with Netflix, releasing a podcast, as well as launching a website to host their nonprofit foundation. It all sounds like a happy, united couple working well together.

As for his sanity, Prince Harry has never had a breakdown like this World compound. He has worked for years as an advocate for mental health awareness, which will be the subject of his docuseries with Oprah Winfrey set to debut later this year.

No insight

The tabloid’s coverage of the Sussexes was both false and actively malicious. He claimed Markle staged her miscarriage for advertising. It took a tremendous amount of courage for Markle to speak out about this tragedy, and this tabloid, devoid of empathy, saw only one chance to exploit its story for profit.

Obviously, this tabloid doesn’t intend to tell the real story, as it constantly prefers to report inflammatory stories. He claimed that Markle gave Prince Harry a divorce ultimatum, which she did not do. Gossip cop also broke her story about Prince Harry have a love child. These sensational stories occupy the front pages of this rag and are rarely mentioned again. This story of a nervous breakdown was just one of a series of terrible stories from a terrible tabloid.

Our verdict

Gossip Cop has determined that this story is totally false.


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