‘Grease’ actor deemed unfit to stand trial due to mental illness

Eddie Deezen, who played Eugene Felsnic in “Grease,” has been found unfit to stand trial in his Maryland assault case.

The 65-year-old actor will have to remain in the custody of the Maryland Department of Health and will not be allowed to leave until the courts are satisfied that he no longer poses a threat to himself or anyone else, according to TMZ. A recognizance order obtained by TMZ states that Deezen would be unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder and indicates that he is considered a danger to himself and those around him, according to the outlet.

Deezen allegedly trespassed at a nursing home in April 2022 and was charged with fourth-degree burglary, two counts of trespassing and one count of disturbing the peace, according to People. Recent documents, however, reveal that the original charges were adjusted to assault and disorderly conduct, according to TMZ.

The initial charges against Deezen stemmed from accusations that he forced entry into a private nursing facility and refused to leave when asked to do so, according to TMZ. The alleged victim claimed that it was not the first time the actor had made unwelcome visits and that he had already left many items with personal notes. (RELATED: REPORT: Britney Spears claims to have proof of her abuse, then quickly deletes her post)

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