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The man who stabbed four people on a train in southern Bavaria on Saturday did so “indiscriminately,” police said at a press conference on Sunday presenting the first results of their investigation into the attack .

Prosecutor Gerhard Neuhof said the suspect was suffering from delusions and a preliminary assessment of his mental health indicated that he was probably suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Police said there was no basis for a terrorist motive for the stabbing.

The suspect was arrested without resistance and pleaded for “help” during the incident, he added. He was hospitalized in psychiatry on Sunday.

“There is no indication of an Islamist background” on the attack, said Sabine Nagel, the criminal director of Oberpfalz in Bavaria. She pointed out that the investigation was still in its early stages.

Three men, aged 26 to 60, were injured in stab wounds on the ICE high-speed train connecting the Bavarian city of Passau to Hamburg. Two of the injured are still being treated in hospital.

What do we know about the suspect?

The 27-year-old suspect has been living in Germany since 2014 as a refugee, coming from war-torn Syria. He lives in Passau and recently lost his job, police said.

Police say suspect suffered from paranoid schizophrenia

Neuhof said preliminary assessments concluded the suspect suffered from some form of schizophrenia and he believed people were following him. The suspect claims to have felt threatened by a man on the train, the prosecutor added.

Police found nothing suspicious during a search of his home. They were still awaiting an analysis of the suspect’s phone records. The suspect was in trouble with the law for a misdemeanor in 2020.

How did the events unfold on the train?

Some 208 people were on the train at the time of the attack. The suspect had passed from car to car before the police apprehended him.

Local Police Chairman Norbert Zink thanked the other passengers who helped stop the assailant from injuring more people.

The violence was not preceded by an argument, dpa reported.

A folding knife with an 8 centimeter (3.1 inch) blade was said to have been the weapon used in the attack after it was found on the suspect. According to police, the suspect said he carried the knife regularly for protection, saying he had felt threatened for a long time.

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