Fayemi signs bill for the protection of people with mental disorders



Ekiti State Governor Dr Kayode Fayemi said his government will continue to protect people living with mental disorders in the state with the enactment of the Mental Health Services Act.

Fayemi said he firmly believes that meeting the needs of all members of society, regardless of their physical, mental or social status, “is indicative of the level of our commitment to provide universal health coverage to the population.”

The governor who promulgated the bill Monday in Ado-Ekiti said the law provides a framework to protect, provide care and unhindered treatment of people with mental disorders or drug addiction.

He said: “Mental health legislation is essential to protect the rights of people living with mental disorders. These people are generally subject to stigma and marginalization, which increases the likelihood that their human rights will be violated.

“Mental health disorders can also affect a person’s ability to make the right decisions, hence the need to institute an enabling system that will meet the needs of these people, so that they do not pose a risk to them. themselves or for others.

“This law provides the legal framework to address critical issues such as hospitalization of people with mental disorders, the provision of high quality care, improved access to care, protection of civil rights, and protection and promotion of rights in other critical areas such as education and employment.

The law, according to Fayemi, will contribute to the provision of mental health facilities and the establishment of social and medico-social work departments and units in some secondary and tertiary medical facilities in the state.

“It will ensure that people living with mental disorders have access to state mental health care facilities; and; ensure that anyone received and admitted for treatment in a mental health facility is treated in accordance with the provisions of this law, ”he said.

In addition, Health Commissioner Oyebanji Filani said the Mental Health Law is necessary to ensure a regulatory framework for the delivery of mental health services.

“This service would allow affordable, equitable and accessible care for patients, in an environment free from stigma, dehumanization and judgment. The National Mental Health Service will provide care for both voluntary and involuntary patients with mental health disorders, ”he said.


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FULL STORY: On July 26, 2020, Facebook user Prince Nnamdi Enyinnaya Emelelu Eluwa claimed in an article that water obtained from snails (snail slime) and spike milk can cure an accident partial or complete cerebrovascular. The post, which is over a year old, was recently re-shared by other Facebook users.

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The court indicted Kyari over his alleged involvement in the international scheme to defraud a Qatari school founder of more than $ 1 million. The fraud scheme was orchestrated by famous Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi.

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Unbeknownst to him, mixing bleach with a toilet cleaner creates a poisonous gas that can cause adverse health effects, including death.

“After the mixing I started to feel a burning sensation in my throat and had to leave the room because the smell was very bad too,” she said.


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