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Help from internet users is being sought to meet the medical needs of a 16 year old grade 9 student in Tanay, Rizal, who suffers from a mental disorder.

Regine Robles, in a Facebook post, calls for help for her 16-year-old sister who suffers from a mental disorder.

(Regine Robles / MANILA BULLETIN)

One of Robles’ recent posts shows a video of his sister with her hands tied with a rag and rope tied to a bamboo bench. She is shown trying to break free while looking at the camera towards the end of the video posted to Facebook.

Robles said she was the one who took the video and photos and uploaded them to Facebook on purpose to ask for help with her sister’s medication.

Her mother, Gina Marchan, a street vegetable vendor in Tanay, told the Manila Bulletin that her 16-year-old daughter started showing signs of mental health problems in March.

Robles said that before she became mentally unstable, her sister spent much of her time studying and completing several modules late into the night, even missing her meals.

Marchan said his daughter’s condition could also be the result of the abandonment of her father, identified as Renato Dacuno Robles.

There were times when the teenager called her mother, “demonyo” (devil). Sometimes the teenager would hit her mother and sister with whatever object was in front of her.

It was the sudden assault on the 16-year-old that prompted her mother to tie her hands and feet to the bamboo bench to restrict her movements. Her mother releases her when she is in a calm state.

“Kapag hindi namin siya tinali, baka umalis siya. Nagwawala na rin po siya at nananakit na (If we don’t tie her up, she might go away. She was also aggressive and hurtful), ”Marchan said.

Marchan sought help from the Tanay Municipal Welfare Office, which in turn approved the girl at the National Mental Health Center (NCMH) in Mandaluyong on May 21.

Marchan said NCMH gave medication for her daughter’s initial maintenance treatment which only lasted until Friday, June 4.

The Tanay municipal government, through the municipal social welfare service, initially provided assistance to them, and the girl’s teachers provided them with food and financial assistance following Robles’ Facebook post.

But Marchan said she needed help buying her daughter’s medicine.

“Maraming salamat po sa makakatulong sa aking anak (Many thanks to anyone who could help my daughter),” Marchan said.

The two sisters also said they are keen to see their absent father and get to know him.




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