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Lawyers for the parents of accused school shooter Ethan Crumbley argued in court Thursday that there was no evidence that Jennifer and James Crumbley feared their son was a murderer or planned to hurt others – and that thousands of texts that investigators have gleaned reveal no discussion between them that their son might be suffering from a mental illness.

But prosecutors argue Ethan Crumbley’s text messages show otherwise.

As the preliminary review of the case against Crumbley’s parents progressed in District Court 52-3 — continued Feb. 8 — the Oakland County Sheriff’s Detachment. Ed Wagrowski was called back to the stand for additional testimony about text messages collected by investigators from the three Crumbleys. The messages are part of the evidence used by prosecutors to support claims that James and Jennifer Crumbley were negligent in allowing their son access to the handgun used in the mass shooting and ignored his calls for help.

Booking photos of James Crumbley and Jennifer Crumbley

Crumbley’s parents each face four counts of manslaughter in the deaths of four Oxford High School students, shot dead on November 30, 2021 – allegedly by their son, with a 9mm handgun they allegedly bought for him as an early Christmas present.

Ethan Crumbley, 15, faces 24 felony charges, including multiple counts of homicide, assault, terrorism and weapons offences.

During cross-examination Thursday morning, Wagrowski told defense attorney Shannon Smith that no text was found from the Crumpley parents to each other about concerns their son might intend to hurt. others or that he needed mental health help. And text messaging with a friend said Ethan Crumbley hid some things from his parents, including mutilating a bird and keeping its head in his bedroom. The bird’s head then appeared in a high school bathroom, prosecutors say.

But when asked follow-up questions by Assistant District Attorney Marc Keast, Wagrowski testified regarding text messages between Ethan Crumbley and a friend in which he spoke of hallucinations, a “mental breakdown” and being “fucked up”.

Booking photo of Ethan Crumbley

Messages between the two teens, from April 2021, further stated that Ethan Crumbley said his mom “makes everyone feel like a piece of shit” and that he asked his dad about the take him to a doctor, Wagrowski said.

As Wagrowski testified, the post read, “He (James Crumbley) gave me some pills and told him to suck them…my mom laughed when I told her.”

Wagrowski also testified that at one point, Ethan Crumbley texted his friend to say he only got “17 hours of sleep in five days,” playing video games every hour of the week. the night. And he talked about seeking mental health help, but feared his parents would react negatively.

As presented to the court, the text read: “I need help. I was thinking of calling 911, but my parents would be furious.

Also presented in court: evidence from Jennifer Crumbley’s laptop indicating that she later sought therapy for mental health.

At the end of the preliminary examination, Judge Julie Nicholson will determine whether enough evidence has been presented to move the case forward to the Oakland County Circuit Court for a possible trial. James and Jennifer Crumbley are being held in the Oakland County Jail on bail set at $500,000 each. Ethan Crumbley is also being held in the Oakland County Jail without bond. His attorney, Paulette Loftin, said she was pursuing an insanity defense.

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