Each time the report is negative, still under investigation, have you fallen under the influence of this disease?

Mental illness : The latch is not fixed once, looked at the latch, still confused, went to see again. Negative health report and assuming there is a disease, many times the repetition of such activities is a mental disorder. If this disease is not treated in time, it can become serious. A large number of people are plagued by this disease in India. Doctors say having the same thoughts over and over again is a mental disorder. Prompt treatment of this disease is essential. The disease is related to the brain, so its treatment is a little longer.

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
The person who has an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that is to say an obsessive compulsive disorder. He is not able to easily suppress the thoughts that come from his mind over and over again. He has the impression that the cleanliness is not done properly, the hands are not washed well. In the survey, the health report is negative and assuming there is a disease, the report itself is not correct. Keep checking again and again. When a person has this problem, symptoms of anxiety and depression can also be seen in these people. Many other symptoms can be observed when there is an OCD problem.

How to take care of yourself
1. Value this Let’s say they have an OCD disease. Also try to tell the mind that unnecessary and bad thoughts are coming.
2. Do yoga by staying in a secluded place for 30 minutes. Take a deep breath and release. This will increase the level of oxygen in the brain. Also, keep saying recurring thoughts are useless.
3. Don’t prioritize OCD thoughts here. I have to tell myself that it’s not important. It’s just my stupid obsession. It does not mean anything. It is not necessary to pay attention to it. Remember that you can’t stop these thoughts from happening, but you don’t even have to pay attention to them.

3 out of 100 victims
According to the National Health Portal of India, 2-3 out of every 100 people have a lifetime OCD problem. This disease affects both men and women equally. The onset of this disease usually begins at the age of 20. However, it can happen to a person of any age starting from a two-year-old child.

Increased role of serotonin hormone as well
Doctors say OCD is not completely cured. If its symptoms are controlled, only then can it be stopped from developing. This problem can occur when there is a deficiency of serotonin hormone in the body. The doctor can give medication to increase the hormone serotonin. Behavioral therapy and talk therapy are also effective in treating OCD. Some patients also receive antidepressants. If the symptoms are visible, one should go to the doctor immediately.

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