Double killer appears in court as details of ‘serious mental illness’ are discussed

A MAN who killed his parents at their Skipton home has had his sentence adjourned to help decide whether he goes to jail for a long time, is treated in a psychiatric hospital or given a ‘hybrid order’ to incorporate the two options .

David Taylor, 36, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of John and Beverley Taylor on reduced liability at a hearing at Bradford Crown Court last month.

Mr and Mrs Taylor, both 66, were killed at their home in Regent Crescent on December 21 last year.

Taylor, considered a paranoid schizophrenic, allegedly stabbed them to death.

He appeared in court via video link to Rampton Secure Hospital where he is being held by the Secretary of State under the Mental Health Act.

Judge Jonathan Rose apologized to Taylor and his family members in court that the case could not be concluded today. But he knew they would all want the final decision to be the right one.

Judge Rose said Taylor suffered from “serious mental illness” at the time of the murders and continued to do so.

The options in court were that he get a substantial prison sentence – which could be a life sentence – a long period of hospital detention, or a “hybrid order” which meant that Taylor remained in the hospital. hospital at first, but could be transferred to prison at a later date.

The court heard that although two psychiatrists wrote reports on him, there was no report from his attending physician at Rampton. There was also no internship report to give a professional opinion on the danger he posed to the public.

Judge Rose said this was a complex case and he wanted to be fully equipped with all the necessary information before deciding whether to settle the case by way of treatment or punishment.

Jonathan Sandiford QC, for the Crown, said “it made sense” to request the additional reports.

Defense barrister John Jones QC agreed it was ‘very important to the defendant and his family’ that the issues were fully explored.

He suggested the three doctors meet in person or remotely to discuss the best way forward before the deal is closed.

Judge Rose said the new reports would be sent to all parties by August 31.

The case would be administratively rescheduled to a date at the end of September convenient for everyone, including, very importantly, family members.

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