Did you know Jungkook once had a “mental breakdown” and almost quit BTS?


The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, once had a nervous breakdown and almost left the boy group during his training days. While Jungkook’s powerful stage performances tell a different story, the 23-year-old struggled with extreme shyness to make his debut with the world-famous K-pop group.

Jungkook almost quit BTS

According to AllKpop, during his training days at BTS, Jungkook was sent to LA for dance lessons. The young star, who was only 14-15 years old, found the new environment and the lessons extremely difficult, due to which he suffered a nervous breakdown.

He said, “On the first day, I remember receiving about 2-3 dance lessons, but compared to what I imagined, the dance lessons were not that difficult. But from the second lesson I started to have a nervous breakdown. And I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Given the language barrier, BTS star Jungkook found it even more difficult to overcome his shyness. After returning to South Korea, he decided to drop out of K-pop training and just become a dancer instead. However, other members of BTS convinced him to stay behind by using ice cream. “I went to America and suddenly I didn’t want to debut in BTS and I wanted to be a dancer. I just want to dance. So the members bought ice cream to convince me,” he revealed.

Previously, HYBE CEO Bang Si-Hyuk also discussed Jungkook’s shyness issue, saying the company was wondering if it could even make its debut. “When Jungkook was an intern, he couldn’t sing when we asked him to,” Bang told Korean media outlet OSEN. “He just twisted his body for 15 minutes and was very shy. He didn’t have a lot of talent, so the company wondered if he could even make his debut, “he added.

BTS star Jungkook’s birthday

BTS members have already started using the “Happy Birthday Jungkook” and “JK Birthday” trends to wish their favorite maknae on their special day. For those wondering when Jungkook’s birthday is, the star singer was born on September 1, 1997. This year BTS member Jungkook will be celebrating his 24th birthday. According to the Korean age system, JK BTS will be celebrating its 25th birthday. ARMY members have planned several special events for Jungkook’s 24th birthday. Even fans have organized fundraisers for several projects and donated money to charities as Jungkook’s birthday approaches.

Earlier today, JK took to Weverse to thank fans for creating his birthday trend so early. He said, “Everyone, it’s not my birthday yet… You must understand my intention. Tell me.”

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