DeKalb County grandmother is desperate to find her missing grandson with mental health problems


A DeKalb County grandmother is desperate for help finding her grandson with a mental health disorder.

Jennifer Mercer said her grandson, Ishmale McMellion, 24, had been missing for almost a week and had been irritable before the recent outbursts.

Mercer said she and her grandson are close. They have lived together for several years and she said he started studying cars when he returned from the Air Force.

“He’s very laid back, smiling, very smart, talks a lot, very engaging,” she said.

Those studies were halted amid the pandemic, and the grandmother said Ishmael was left alone for most of it.

Mercer last saw her grandson at her home in Lithonia on Thursday.

She said a combination of his strained sanity and the possibility that Ishmael lived elsewhere could have caused him to leave their neighborhood of Swift Creek.

The family said they filed a missing person report with DeKalb County Police.

“He doesn’t have his phone with him, he doesn’t even have his wallet with him,” Mercer said.

Mercer said it wasn’t like Ishmael leaving home without saying when he would be back

Worse yet, the family said, two different doctors recently diagnosed him with a mental disorder. Her mother, who lives on the west coast, says the past few weeks have been tough.

“He had acted erratically, so she had to call the crisis center and they were the ones who determined that there were mental issues,” she said.

As time goes by without his return, Ishmael’s family becomes more and more anxious.

The family said Ishmael was about 6 feet 1 inch tall and was thin.

If you think you’ve seen Ishmael, call DeKalb police.

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