Courtney LaPlante reveals ‘mental breakdown’ while recording Spiritbox debut album



Spiritbox has become one of the the breakthrough acts of 2021, with the post-metalcore band’s acclaimed debut album, Eternal blue, making his debut on America Billboard 200 chart at number 13 last month. But as singer Courtney LaPlante admits in the current problem of Metal hammer, making the album was “physically and mentally exhausting,” an intense and emotionally raw experience that took its toll on her mental health.

“Every day, I woke up and I was more and more tired,” recalls the singer. “It’s like playing. Someone has to hear your emotion in their ears, so you have to get into the mentality of the narrator singing the song. Usually the narrator is myself, but at different times in my life. It was a safe environment though; i was with Dan [Braunstein, producer], Invoice [Crook, Spiritbox bassist] and Michel [Stringer, Spiritbox guitarist and LaPlante’s husband], and these are people who love me and were there to protect me if things got too weird.

The singer tells Hammer that the recording of Circle with me, the album’s penultimate powerful track, proved particularly difficult.

“I went to record it and I had no confidence,” she recalls. “I looked so bad, and the guys had to pause my recording session. I had a fucking nervous breakdown. They were like, “It’s okay Courtney, we can do it again tomorrow”, and I went to a closet in my bedroom and cried and cried. The next day, the magic happens. If I hadn’t had this blackout the day before, I wouldn’t have been able to perform the song like I did the next day.

LaPlante admits her group’s rapid rise will bring additional pressure, but insists she is up for the challenges ahead.

“I feel like people are going to have expectations of perfection from us, and I want to live up to those expectations,” she says. Hammer. “I am not afraid of them. They make me even more inspired.

To learn more about the manufacture of Eternal blue, along with reports from Jinjer, Rolo Tomassi, Mayhem, Svalbard and a huge tribute to former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison cover the current issue of Metal hammer now.

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