Counslr Mental Health app now available in all 50 states

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advise, a platform that provides unlimited access to text-based mental health assistance through a mobile app with licensed counselors, today announced that it is now expanding assistance to all 50 states. Now, higher education institutions, businesses, healthcare systems, and other organizations can partner with Counslr to provide their members with on-demand, scheduled access to licensed mental health professionals, 24/ 7/365.

“One of our core missions at Counslr is to increase accessibility to quality mental health support, and that includes geographic accessibility,” said Josh Liss, CEO of Counslr. “Now organizations can put much-needed mental health support literally within reach of their members, from anywhere in the United States.”

Almost 50 millions American adults live with mental illness, but 50% of Americans don’t have access to the mental health care they need. Although there are a myriad of reasons, one is the overload of the current care system, with 65% of therapists do not have the capacity to take on new patients.

Counslr is the only mental health support app that offers truly unlimited access to licensed mental health professionals around the clock, completely free for end users.

For more information about Counslr or how to partner, please visit

About the Advisor

Advise, a 24/7 text-based mental health support platform, allows users to engage in unlimited live text sessions with licensed mental health professionals from the comfort of their phones mobile. Designed to help leaders more effectively support their staff and facilitate the prioritization of mental health for all, Counslr fulfills its mission to provide accessible mental health services that improve access, reduce stigma and eliminate costs. The Counslr mobile app is available on iOS and Android. To learn more about Counslr and its services, visit

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