Corrie’s Beverley Callard says nervous breakdown was due to ‘workaholic’



Beverley Callard – who played Liz McDonald on Coronation Street for more than three decades – admits her nervous breakdown was due to her overwork. She says she struggled on set and it took a long time for her to figure out why

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Beverley Callard: My work has really affected my mental health

Former Coronation Street star Beverley Callard is convinced she suffered a terrifying nervous breakdown because she was a ‘workaholic’.

The actress played Liz McDonald on the ITV soap opera for over three decades, but she has spent a lot of time struggling with mental health issues.

Beverley, 64, now realizes that her workaholic tendencies played a role in her downward spiral, admitting that she “struggled” on set – but was unsure at first what was causing it.

According to Star of the day, she said: “I had struggled for so long knowing something was wrong, but not on set to know exactly what it was.

Beverley Callard says she was a workaholic while on Coronation Street

Beverley Callard played Liz McDonald on Coronation Street from 1989



“You say all these things to yourself, like ‘take charge.’ In the end, I couldn’t continue. Looking back, I know I was a workaholic. “

Beverley went on to explain how she thinks clinical depression is a “curse of the strong” and how it affects those who are perfectionists and demand too much of themselves.

She added, “Clinical depression is a curse of the strong. It doesn’t happen to weak people. It doesn’t happen to people who give up.

“It happens to people who are strong, who love people, who are perfectionists and who demand too much of themselves.”

Beverley had previously claimed she was kicked out of the Coronation Street 50th anniversary special due to her mental health.

She says clinical depression is a “curse of the strong”


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Beverley previously claimed she was kicked out of Corrie’s 50th birthday live episode due to her mental health

She says she was working so hard at the time – but was dubbed “flaky and unreliable” – so she was pulled from the live broadcast.

Speaking on Melanie Blake’s YouTube series Girls ConversationBeverley, 63, said: “I was back to work and filming pretty much every scene every day because the McDonalds were involved in a script.

“Then a man said to me, you’re not going to be involved in the 50th anniversary scenario of Coronation Street, because you’ve had clinical depression, you can be flaky and unreliable.”

She thinks she would be treated differently if she were a man.

“Men are treated differently, completely differently,” she added.

“A man can denounce someone on set and say I don’t accept that, you’ll be fine.”

She continued, “But if a woman does that, the whispers are going to spread and say ‘so and so is a bit of a diva’.

“It’s not true, I’ve heard of my female co-stars, but they never say it about men.”

Liz left the show in 2019 when it was revealed by her onscreen son Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) that she had left the country and emigrated to Spain.


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