Corkman threatened his family with a hatchet amid “type of nervous breakdown”


A 32-year-old man suffered “sort of a nervous breakdown” and threatened to kill his partner and their children with a hatchet and then kill himself.

The accused appeared in Cork Circuit Criminal Court to hear his sentence. Detective Garda Michael Dillane testified in connection with the case which occurred on October 24, 2020.

The 32-year-old man took a kitchen knife from the drawer and threatened his wife. He also said he had a hatchet and would kill his partner and their children and then kill himself.

He caused criminal damage around the house during the violent threats. Before Gardaí arrived at the house, the accused disarmed himself and went upstairs and barricaded himself in a room.

The accused had never been convicted of similar offenses. He has had a very small number of convictions dating back to his early twenties for public order offenses and one for possession of drugs for his own use.

John Devlin, defense attorney, said the accused had left the family home and was now living in temporary accommodation.

Mr Devlin said the accused had not caught Gardaí’s attention since this happened. Retail Garda Dillane agreed that was so.

Mr Devlin BL also testified that the defendant had access to his children but no longer had contact with his partner.

Mr. Devlin said:

He had some sort of nervous breakdown that night.

“Since then, he has kept all of his bail conditions. When questioned, he said he was not normally a violent person. He had no intention of acting on what he said.

“The marriage is over. I would ask the court to treat this with the utmost leniency. I wonder if the court would consider a non-custodial sentence.

“He will come with the psychiatric services. He’s making progress. He is also taking medication. And there is a protection order in place, ”the defense lawyer said in the Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

Judge Helen Boyld said: “I would be concerned if he was taking all the services and not approaching or scaring the victim in this case.” Judge Boyle remanded the accused on bail for conviction on April 29, 2022.

He will be convicted of charges including causing criminal damage, producing a weapon and threatening to kill or cause serious damage.


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