COP condemns Pritam Singh for using mental disorder to discredit Raeesah Khan, Singapore News

In its latest report released this afternoon (February 10), the Privileges Committee of Parliament (COP) tasked with examining the complaint against Raeesah Khan addressed harsh words to the leader of the Workers’ Party (WP), Pritam Singh.

Criticism of the COP included how he was ‘using mental health issues as a libel against Ms Khan, to explain his own conduct and lies to this committee’.

He had claimed that she was prone to lying due to her possible dissociated state.

The report said: “Mr Singh essentially made unsubstantiated allegations, that Ms Khan was unstable and unreliable due to her mental health – and that this was linked to her being a victim of sexual assault.

“His statements are an affront to victims of sexual assault in general.”

On December 10 last year, while testifying before the COP, Pritam said Khan confessed to the WP Disciplinary Committee that she suffered from dissociation. He added that his condition could have caused him to lie in a text message to his aides that WP leaders had told him to take his lie in Parliament “to the grave”.

Dissociation is a mental state where a person disconnects from their thoughts and feelings, affecting their day-to-day functioning.

Addressing the COP on December 22 last year, Khan said it was “extremely inappropriate” for WP leaders to portray her as emotionally and mentally unstable.

“Using it (mental health) to discredit someone sets back our movement to work on mental health,” she added.

On the same day, Dr. Christopher Cheok, acting head of the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health, told the COP that Khan had been found to be “sane”, “mentally fit” and “present” to make the statements she made in Parliament and before the committee between August 3 and December 3 last year.

In its summary, the committee recommended that Khan be fined $25,000 for his first lie on August 3 and an additional $10,000 for repeating it on October 4.

He also recommended that Singh be referred to the Attorney General for further investigation into his conduct, with the possibility of criminal prosecution.

WP deputy chairman Faisal Manap was also referred to the attorney general for his refusal to answer the committee’s questions.

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