Christopher Eccleston opens up on the trauma of nervous breakdown


Christopher Eccleston spoke about his nervous breakdown. (Getty Images)

Christophe eccleston said he “lost almost everything” after suffering a nervous breakdown that took him to hospital.

The old one Doctor Who star – who has previously spoken about battling depression and an eating disorder – spoke to The big problem magazine salesman Clive, telling him that trying to carry on with his normal life had become too much for him one night.

Eccleston, 57, said: “I think the misconception about people selling The Big Issue is that they never had a ‘successful life’.

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“But I found out that when I had severe clinical depression and was hospitalized… I lost almost everything.

Christopher Eccleston puts on his

Christopher Eccleston played the ninth Time Lord in Doctor Who in 2005. (BBC)

“There was one night I thought I was going to die. I was running on Euston Road with a suitcase.

“Now if anyone saw me he would have left: ‘Oh, there is Doctor Who‘.

“What I mean is I don’t think people understand how quickly this can happen. Especially in times of economic recession.

Eccleston – a divorced father of two – likened his depression to a psychotic episode, revealing it happened while filming the first series of The word A, which aired on BBC One in 2016.

He said: “I was playing a character called Maurice, who was comedic and bluff. I would spend 10 hours a day being him, then I would go back to my hotel room and not sleep.

“I later found out that I had fought or fled for a few years and could no longer fight or fly, my brain chemistry was telling me I was about to die.

The A Word: Alison Hughes (MORVEN CHRISTIE), Joe Hughes (MAX VENTO), Maurice Scott (CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON) - (Fifty Fathoms - Photographer: Rachel Joseph)

Christopher Eccelston as Maurice in The word A. (BBC)

“I wasn’t necessarily going to kill myself. I don’t know if it would be called psychosis, I was just convinced I was going to die overnight.

“But at 7 am I was going to work and there was Maurice’s costume.

“And I swear, Clive, I put it on and I was fine.”

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Eccleston starred alongside Lee Ingleby, Morven Christie and Max Vento in The word A as the grandfather of a young boy adjusting to life after being diagnosed with autism spectrum.

The third series aired earlier this year.

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