Caregiver accused of sexual activity with mentally ill woman

A CARE worker was tried on six counts of sexual activity with a mentally ill woman he cared for.

Ian McKeegan (56) of Ivy Mead Court in Derry denies all six charges on dates between April 30 and June 12, 2019.

Opening the prosecution case at Derry Crown Court, sitting in Coleraine, a solicitor told the jury that the defendant was a mental health nurse working for the Western Trust. He was part of a team responsible for the care of a 31-year-old woman who suffered from a mental disorder and was taking medication at the time.

The woman alleged McKeegan behaved “inappropriately” during visits to her home and discussed sexual behavior.

She claimed that McKeegan kissed her several times when he hugged her. She also said that he gave her money on some occasions.

The prosecutor told the jury that the bulk of the allegations against McKeegan relate to the events of June 12, 2019. They learned that McKeegan contacted the woman after he was at a bar and invited her to come to his house. The woman said she had gone drinking and she alleged that cannabis had been smoked.

The jury was told that consensual sex had taken place, but the woman claimed she was ‘mentally unstable’ at the time and was on medication. She claimed she was so upset after the incident that she was arrested for disorderly behavior after leaving McKeegan’s house.

The jury also heard that McKeegan gave the woman money again and she thought he was “nervous” she could reveal what happened.

The case continues.

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