Andrea McLean opens up about mental breakdown as she plugs in £ 29 per month membership program


Andrea McLean’s new paid membership program will provide mentorship and expert advice to women struggling with mental health and self-confidence issues.

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Andrea McLean is asking fans to pay £ 29 per month to join her new membership program, following her shocking resignation as host of Loose Women.

Andrea’s new This Girl Is On Fire program will provide mentorship and expert advice to women struggling with mental health and self-confidence issues.

Membership is available at a reduced rate of £ 29 per month for early bird registrations, rising to £ 40 per month from December 9th.

On Thursday, while plugging her new program on Instagram, Andrea explained that she decided to launch it after recovering from the nervous breakdown she suffered last year.

Andrea McLean has launched her new membership program, which will cost £ 29 per month

She wrote: “I acted. I received help. And I continued to act, becoming stronger in my intentions and more courageous in their execution.

“And with so many of you contacting me to ask me why I decided to quit my job and what I will be working on, this is what I want to share with you.”

Andrea said her TGIOF membership would offer similar help to the one she received.

She said she planned to: “Support you along your own journey and give you access to the mentors who have helped me.”

The 51-year-old surprised fans on Monday when she sobbed as she explained that she was leaving after Christmas, having hosted the panel for 13 years.

Andrea sobbed Monday as she announced she was leaving Loose Women


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Andrea was replaced by Ruth Langsford on Tuesday, before returning to the panel to discuss her decision in more detail on Wednesday.

She told fellow panelists Janet Street Porter, Judi Love and Stacey Solomon that she had given a lot of thought to her future during the pandemic.

She said: “As you know, I had a really tough year, and I think anyone who has been through some kind of mental distress, I had depression last year and then obviously we have a. global pandemic, you stop and think about your life, everyone was like ‘I can’t wait to get back to what it was’.

“And I thought, ‘If you do a postponement this year and move on to next year, that means next year I’ll be back in 2019.’

“I want to look to the future and, how do I want my life to be? I realized I have to be brave, I have to take bold steps, I’m 51, so how long have I been is there left !? “

Stacey joked, “Well, damn Andrea, that’s a little morbid!”

Andrea hosted the show for 13 years, but will be leaving after Christmas



Andrea replied: “No, it’s true! There is a sense of urgency and if not now, when? The right time doesn’t exist, you have to come down from that branch and hope that the universe catches up with you. “

Andrea said she was embarrassed to cry so much on the show and said she didn’t realize it was going to happen.

She confirmed that she had “four or five shows left” and confirmed “I’m not sick, I’m going”.

“Everyone’s response was really sweet, I didn’t expect to talk about it again today.”

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