Amber Heard ‘imitates Johnny Depp outfits’ due to mental health psychologist

Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr Shannon Curry has testified in the libel case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and suggests the actress may be suffering from borderline personality disorder

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Listen to Audio of ‘Bloodbath’ Chat

A psychologist has accused Amber Heard of suffering from a borderline personality disorder that causes her to mimic Johnny Depp’s style, voice and interests.

The bombshell blonde actress, 36, has been defending herself in court against Johnny, 58, for two weeks because he accused her of defamation.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is suing Amber for $50m (£40m) after he took offense at a domestic abuse article she wrote in The Washington Post in 2018 – arguing that the article defamed him despite the fact that Amber did not. once mention him by name in the room.

As the stars now lock horns in court – and sordid details of their personal lives emerge through the case making headlines around the world – clinical and forensic psychologist Dr Shannon Curry has took the stage to give testimony where she advanced a theory that Amber is copying her ex-husband’s clothing choices.

A Psychologist Has Suggested Amber Heard Might Imitate The Way Johnny Depp Dresses Due To Borderline Personality Disorder



Dr Curry studied Amber’s medical records, mental health treatments, images, audio and case documents and met the Aquaman star twice in 2021.

Speaking, the psychologist suggested the star may be suffering from borderline personality disorder which could cause her to: “take on the identity of people she spends time with because it’s comforting”.

She explained that, “When someone with this disorder goes through that initial phase of entanglement, they often take on the identity of those people.”

Some fans pointed out the style similarities between the former husband and wife



The medical expert went on to say that those with such a disorder can “imitate the way they dress, their interests” and “the way they speak”.

Dr Curry also told the court and jury that she had diagnosed Heard with histrionic personality disorder, saying, “It’s really two sides of the same coin”, and added that the disorders were ” dramatic, erratic and emotional” and: “unpredictable”. .”

Johnny’s fans have previously accused Amber of mimicking his style, writing on social media, “I watched Johnny Depp’s trial and noticed Amber Heard mirrored it through outfits.”

While another claimed: ‘When Johnny wore a gray suit… the next day she wore the same. Then he wore a Gucci ensemble, and then she wore it the next day.

The explosive trial must continue for several more weeks.

Text messages were read out in court that show Johnny communicating with various friends where he said he wanted Amber ‘burned’ and wanted her ‘rotten corpse’ found ‘decomposing in the trunk f ** king of a Honda Civic.”

Damaging headlines were generated by Johnny’s libel case against Amber



While footage showed the Hollywood star going into a furious rage where he smashes bottles and cupboards in a kitchen.

And Johnny accused Amber in court of stopping him from taking medication when they were on a trip together in 2014.

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