Accrington: Paddy Short says mental breakdown behind closing his business


A Labor adviser says a nervous breakdown caused his company to go bankrupt, which has reportedly left many people without money and fearing the loss of thousands of pounds.

Paddy Short, who represents the Peel Quarter at Hyndburn Council, told the Lancashire Telegraph that he had voluntarily wound up his company Pure Style Bathrooms on Hyndburn Road, Accrington, due to a sudden severe mental breakdown.

Pure was once based in Bolton Road, Darwen, but outgrown its premises after two successful years of trading and moved to its current location in 2019.

He said: “I had to wind up the business due to a severe nervous breakdown. It happened suddenly, although due to the current business climate there has been continued pressure over the years. last six months.

“My partner took me for a few days to try and improve my mental state, but unfortunately upon my return I had a complete mental health crisis.”

Some Pure Style clients have alleged that Mr Short took money knowing the company was on the verge of ‘going bankrupt’, offering NHS discounts as an incentive to pay through the bankers’ automated clearing system ( BACS).

This is an allegation Mr Short strongly denies – and he says work is being done to ensure that customers who have paid money into the company receive a refund.

He added: “We have always offered NHS discounts over the past five years, signing up for the Blue Light program, as well as our long-standing work in the community during that time.

“All details of the client creditors have been passed on to the liquidators, who we hope will receive their money in due course.

“It has been an extremely difficult time for me and my family and I continue to receive treatment from Mental Health and Crises.

“I apologize to anyone affected by my illness.”


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